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FEG unlimited increases issuance, pretend to be hacked, embezzles user assets. The community has been crazy, all of them are shills, not allowed to tell the truth, can only follow their words.



2022-11-02 14:33 国旗
FEGit is a scam project, developed by chinese people, with foreigners showing their faces for marketing. the total circulation is 200,000 t, and each chain is 100,000 t. no practical products have been developed in version 1.0. , self-directed and self-acted hacking incident, embezzled another token rox, 30 million us dollars, and has not compensated investors so far, this loss is borne by investors personally, this project party, has no capital background, no technology, all rely on pyramid schemes fraud, issued at that time, i went to many exchanges. because of non-compliance with the review, additional issuance rights, and code loopholes, i was taken off the shelves by major platforms in seconds. because 1.0 can no longer be deceived, i began to dream of 2.0 and bragged about the technology. in fact, it is a simple k-line interface is full of false propaganda. all the rebranding of 2.0 is for the purpose of whitewashing the fraudulent behavior of 1.0. this coin can be issued indefinitely, and you will lose at any cost. keep your eyes open [d83d] ][dc40]
FEG是一个诈骗项目,由国人开发,老外露脸营销,发行总量20万t,每条链10万t, 1.0版本什么实用的产品都没有开发出来,然后依靠营销出了很多货,然后货出完,自导自演黑客事件,侵吞另一个代币rox,3000万美金,至今没有赔偿投资者,这个损失由投资者个人承担,这个项目方,没有资本背景,没有技术,全靠传销诈骗,发行的时候上了很多交易所,因为审查不合规,有增发权限,和代码漏洞,被各大平台秒下架,因为1.0已经骗不下去,开始 2.0造梦,把技术吹得上天入地,其实就是一个简单的k线界面,全是虚假宣传,2.0的所有品牌重塑,就是为了1.0的诈骗行为洗白,这个币可以无限增发,多大的成本进去你都得亏,韭菜们擦亮眼睛[d83d][dc40]


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