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IXX exchange induce fraud and unable to withdraw



2022-05-24 23:54 China
The IXX exchange deliberately raised the price and created a price difference with other exchanges. Using arbitrage as a bait, as long as you have deposited money, even if the transaction is successful, you cannot withdraw the currency. After a long time, no one will handle it, and you will not be able to contact customer service. After checking the data on the chain, you will know that there is no transaction volume at all. Balance No, it is purely an inducement fraud, everyone must be careful not to lose your money bags for petty profits. I have been deceived, and I advise everyone to carefully evaluate various data before choosing an exchange before using it, and don’t be carried away by interests. Once again I declare that the IXX.COM exchange is a fraud exchange and do not use it.
Unable to Withdraw


Unable to Withdraw