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Conscience is gone!



2022-03-29 23:48 国旗
ZT platform sold out thier soul. It is a impressive date of 2022 03 18. ZT gloal delisted 30 trading pairs all in once. Yes, delisted 30 trading paris. This platform has new coin everyday. What more insane is that they list three new trading paris in one day and manipulate the price without shame. Delist all at the end of the month secretly. What more, the star trading pairs APE/USDT, support by two active communicate, as the BTC of web3 and ZT is also bold to sell it personally. There is only deposit, but not withdraw. This is what I found unconsciously. After that, I feedback it to platform. The platform change it and also steal my coins. I am silk with the platform that steals coins. Such platform can still work in the Coin group. You can see the situation of all coin group.
ZT! 平台出卖了自己的灵魂! 2022.3-18日!这是个记忆深刻的日子!ZT global一口气下架了30个交易对! 没错! 下架了30个交易对! 这个平台几乎每天有新币!更疯狂时! 一天上架三个交易对! 而且!操纵币价!不知廉耻地画图! 月未! 批量下架!偷偷地干活! 这也就算了, APE/USDT 这种明星交易对!背靠两大活跃社区!号称web3界的BTC! ZT也敢贩卖私货!只有充值入口! 没有提币页面啊! 暂停提币! 这个!我也是随意中发觉! 然后! 我向平台反馈! 平台悄悄地改!又悄悄地偷走我的币! 这种喜欢偷币的平台! 我也是醉了! 这样的平台也能在币圈混!可见币圈需要大浪淘沙! 让骗子和小愉无处安身!
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Unable to Withdraw