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Huobi Global is unconscious



2021-05-25 20:21 国旗
The C3 certification says that it will reply within 5 days, but it is actually 10 days. Obviously, I have lost all my money, and at this time they said that I can withdraw coins. Do you have a conscience when you play this routine with Huobi? I thought I would never reply to me or withdraw the coins, so I would lose out by playing the contract. I replied to my message that if there is money laundering, it will be reported to the judiciary. Even people who launder money will not reply to the Huobi platform. The black money is also earned by your platform. Do you want to go to the Huobi platform? It's like a person who does prostitution and still doesn't give you money, and speaks to insult you. Right, right, a group of intellectuals who use legal loopholes to routine users, I serve the Huobi platform. If I am wrong, please use the law to sanction me, instead of torturing users after you finish the Huobi platform's routines.
Unable to Withdraw


Unable to Withdraw