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Malicious network disconnection



2021-05-23 01:15 国旗
From 2-22, the network cable was unplugged maliciously, resulting in inability to operate. Set up a good super bottom list all the way. Unable to transfer from the currency to the contract account, resulting in liquidation. Delayed from 2-22 to 5.23 so far did not solve the problem. First, I didn't admit that I had the problem that I couldn't transfer funds. If you ask if there is a video recording, you will pay compensation, and you are not allowed to reply. Switching the transcript becomes a contract risk in your own operation. I have never objected to contract risks. However, it is impossible for me to recognize that maliciously unplugging the network cable caused customer damage. Later, it was mentioned that there was no transfer record in the background. If the platform unplugs the network cable, if the customer can transfer it, do I still need the transfer record of the platform? It's ridiculous. Repeatedly used various reasons for prevarication, and the email reply speed is extremely slow, and it takes 1-2 days when it is fast. One week when it's slow. Up to now, it simply refuses to respond directly. Is this the attitude of a platform? Asked someone or phone to reply many times. It has never been.


Unable to Withdraw