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Expose the BFC project of the ZT exchange.



2021-04-13 12:12 China
The BFX price fluctuated about 90% on the morning of March 7. And the price went up on the same day. However, the next day, the price plumped continually. Then the BTC trading was suspended on March 8 on grounds of market error. There are some screenshots about the trading prices. Now, the trading has been suspended for a month. The platform should be responsible for this issue, here are the reasons: 1.I visited http://www.qf60fls.cn/ according to their official web. And I founds something suspicious. First, their domain may be bought. Second, there is no way to contact them. Three, their white paper sucks. 2.They suspend our trading with the reason of protecting investors but I think this is the way they embezzle investors’ money. 3.The compensation is useless/
3.7号早上,BFC价格出现了90%左右的跌幅震荡,当天有回调站稳,第二天继续暴跌,然后3.8号平台暂停了BFC 的交易。说是项目发做市失误。以下是几张当时的交易价格截图。可对于我们跌下来购买并且持有的客户,什么都没有。截止4.13号,交易已经暂停一个月了。对于我们来说,在这种大牛市下,损失这么严重,是非常不开心的。平台有不可推荐的责任,理由如下: 1. 我根据平台提供的项目方BFC的官方网址,进行了访问http://www.qf60fls.cn/。发现了很多可疑之处,第一官方域名不知道是哪里买的几十块的吧,也有可能是免费的,草率了。第二,平台没有任何合作联系方式。第三,所谓的白皮书更加搞笑。请问这样子的项目是怎样通过审核的?除了直接给钱还有其他方法?这白皮书黏贴复制技术也太就差劲了吧? 2. 暂停交易,客服说这是为了保护投资者,我却觉得这是割韭菜。干预了正常的市场交易价格,基本上让大部分购买的客户的都血本无归。不干预现在肯定不会现在这么惨。 3. 赔偿根本就是开玩笑。我认真研读了赔偿公告,几个点,第一是暴跌前24小时购买,第二是持有还是正值,这个币前24小时购买的我估计1%都没。


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