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People who long for ZT red envelopes may feel disappointed

樂小逸@Leyi capital


2021-02-14 14:04 China
People who long for ZT red envelopes may feel disappointed Today, on the first day of the lunar new year, Brother Conscience is here to wish everyone Happy New Year! Yesterday everyone was busy opening the red envelopes of various Internet companies, but most people did not get too much after a long time. You thought you were “sheep shearing” these companies, but you were actually helping them increase the user base and divert traffic. They spent a small amount of money to buy plenty of users. In contrast, many people feel that OK is more generous. Isn't the Bitcoin red envelope equivalent to around 100 yuan per person more down-to-earth compared to Alipay's several cents? OK’s move has improved its image a lot, and many people have turned into fans. And because of this, it dominates the hot topics in the cryptocurrency circle and gets a lot of traffic. So some people are greedy and think I can also use this kind of thing to make traffic. Then you see ZT send out New Year gifts in various communities today. After opening the homepage of ZT, you can see the pop-up window: After completing the registration and invitation certification, you can get the “bonbon airdrop”. In the announcement, it looks very generous - old users directly get 300 bonbons, new users can get 200 ones after filling in their real names, and invited users can get up to 40 bonbons. It seems that in the bull market in the Year of the Ox, ZT is full of sincerity, and I can't help but “sheep shear” it. Could it be that ZT has made money in the bull market, and become more generous towards users? Then I took a closer look, and couldn't help but laugh. ZT is the same ZT after all! First of all, the bonbons are in your account, but you cannot trade them. When you click on the transaction, there will be a reminder that the currency is not available for transaction.
今天大年初一,良心哥在这里给大家拜年了! 昨天大家忙着拆各种互联网公司的红包,但大多数人忙了一大圈也没撸到多少,你以为你是在薅互联网公司的羊毛,实际上是在给他们做用户裂变和导流,人家花钱买用户,实惠着呢。 相比之下,不少韭菜感叹还是OK来的实在。 每个人100块钱左右的比特币红包,不比支付宝一块五毛八的五福香吗? OK此举让自己在韭菜心目中的形象好转了不少,也有不少人转粉。 并且因此霸占了币圈的热议话题,获取了不少流量。于是有人看着就眼馋,觉得我也可以用这样的事情来搞流量。 然后你们看到了,zt今天在各个社群里发空投,也号称是新年礼。 打开zt的首页,你就能看到弹窗:完成注册认证和邀请认证,就能获得bonbon的空投。找到公告,看起来很豪爽,老用户直接空投300,新用户完成实名可以获得200,邀请用户最多可以获得40枚bonbon。看起来在牛年牛市里,zt诚意满满啊,我都有点没忍住去撸。 难道是牛市赚钱了,开始转性对用户好了? 随后再一细看,不由得哑然失笑,zt果然还是那个zt! 首先,这个币是在你账户里的,但你是没法交易的。 你点击交易的时候,会提示该币种无可用交


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