BTC(GBTC)Circulating supply ratio


Restricted vol.:43,892 BTC

Positions:644,312 BTC


ETH(ETHE)Circulating supply ratio


Restricted vol.:8 ETH

Positions:3,117,735 ETH


BCH(BCHG)Circulating supply ratio


Restricted vol.:144,817 BCH

Positions:317,338 BCH


LTC(LTCN)Circulating supply ratio


Restricted vol.:940,596 LTC

Positions:1,568,299 LTC


ETC(ETCG)Circulating supply ratio


Restricted vol.:1,962,542 ETC

Positions:12,204,951 ETC


GBTC institutional position data

Institution name Positions(Share) Position value($) Position amount change(Share) Position amount change($) Updated
Almanack Investment Partners, LLC. 62,769 $1.0360m +62,769 +$1.0360m 2020-11-12
ARK Investment Management LLC 5.1704m $56.7200m +1.4778m +$21.2530m 2020-10-30
ARKW - ARK Next Generation Internet ETF 3.1544m $40.4240m +1.4182m +$23.2880m 2020-09-25
BCJ Capital Management, LLC 89,208 $979,000 +21,835 +$332,000 2020-11-17
Captrust Financial Advisors 1,820.00 $20,000 +620.00 +$8,000.00 2020-11-17
Cary Street Partner Investment Advisory Llc 6,800.00 $75,000 +6,800.00 +$75,000 2020-11-12
CHURCHILL MANAGEMENT Corp 232,943 $2.5550m +232,943 +$2.5550m 2020-10-08
CSat Investment Advisory, L.P. 141,167 $1.5490m +141,167 +$1.5490m 2020-11-13
McGowan Group Asset Management, Inc. 25,543 $280,000 +25,543 +$280,000 2020-11-12
Private Capital Advisors, Inc. 14,220 $156,000 +14,220 +$156,000 2020-11-06
Scholtz & Company, Llc 68,413 $750,000 +68,413 +$750,000 2020-11-16
Sterling Investment Advisors, Ltd. 2,202.00 $24,000 +1,000.00 +$13,000 2020-10-26
Stonebridge Financial Planning Group, LLC 160.00 $2,000.00 +160.00 +$2,000.00 2020-10-26

Grayscale Trust position comparison

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Grayscale Trust introduction

1.What is Grayscale Trust

Grayscale Trust is the general term for cryptocurrency investment funds initiated by Grayscale Investments LLC("Grayscale"), among which Bitcoin Investment Trust ("BIT") is the earliest and largest cryptocurrency trust fund. The custodian of the fund is Coinbase Custody Trust Company, and the auditor is Friedman LLP.

Since September 2013, BIT has started to raise funds from accredited investors as a Pooled Investment Fund. On March 25, 2015, BIT began to be listed and traded on the OTCQX.US in accordance with the Alternate Reporting Standard, and was traded under the symbol of GBTC on May 4, 2015.

Grayscale Investments, LLC. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, Inc. ("DCG"). As the top investment institution in the blockchain industry, DCG provides financial and technical support to many companies in the industry, covering many industries such as payment, transactions, games, media, data analysis, blockchain projects, etc.

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