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UniSat: Ordiscan Indexer Error; UniSat Fully Compliant with Latest BRC-20 Standard

UniSat: Ordiscan Indexer Error; UniSat Fully Compliant with Latest BRC-20 Standard WikiBit 2023-11-28 17:22

UniSat: Error Detected in Ordiscan Indexer, UniSat Indexer Fully Compatible with Latest BRC-20 Standard

UniSat posted on the X platform, stating that they checked addresses on four different indexers. The data from UniSat, OKX, and Ordinalscan indexers were consistent. However, the data from Ordiscan indexer did not match the former, and some errors were identified, such as an inability to accurately handle decimals.

UniSat mentioned that its indexer is fully compatible with the latest BRC-20 standard. Since March, UniSat's indexer has demonstrated robustness and reliability through multiple comparisons. Although the whitelist module is not yet activated, making forks practically impossible, UniSat committed to providing the source code and documentation promptly to assist known indexers in implementing the modular proposal.

UniSat pledged to ensure that its indexer is compatible with the standard, operates at high speed, and is developer-friendly as long as it supports the BRC-20 standard.


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