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ChainArgos: Tether Blacklists 8 Tron Wallets Once Again

ChainArgos: Tether Blacklists 8 Tron Wallets Once Again WikiBit 2023-11-27 17:14

ChainArgos: Tether Blacklists 8 Tron Wallets Once Again

ChainArgos Report: Tether Blacklists 8 Tron Wallet Addresses Again

According to ChainArgos monitoring, Tether has once again blacklisted 8 wallet addresses on the Tron blockchain. These wallets appear to be involved in fund transfers primarily between various Asian exchanges and Kraken. There is a possibility (though not confirmed) of interactions with currency service providers, such as Al Mutahadun and Dubai For Exchange, both of which are subject to Israeli sanctions.

The total amount of USDT received by these wallets is approximately $70 million. Apart from USDT, there seems to be no involvement in the transfer of other tokens. The specific wallet addresses are as follows:

  • TAzDmeBWuKiX1HztaxCMfTiwNRZdwNtYhb

  • TAnEHuXTnJSm1dJDckTxN9B3PoszcwfrGz

  • TY7qUGNPvqy91RoXgQujFPHJ8ocWVCHuaz

  • TLzLmTkpzG5zxr8MMDxutZ4aimEwUXwksb

  • TBYzzKUK4NU9u7NDN1r9b7546JGtPXzUSX

  • TRoAQif6KQAj9ewtAahTqzpUkjpaukFXCr

  • TPpv5jxsTso76q5n1jg1qrCNmccbRUVGKP

  • TQsx6EpJ2B39thMzsEzpJ2Txq9Rq2wBJNc


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