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Bitpanda is a virtual currency exchange based in Austria. It was founded in 2014 and operates in compliance with EU regulations. The exchange offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin

⭐Features Details
⭐Exchange Name bitpanda
⭐Founded in 2014
⭐Registered in Australia
⭐Cryoptocurrencies 100+
⭐Trading Fees Taker 0.25%, Maker 0.15%
⭐24-hour trading volume Over $1 billion
⭐Customer Support Twitter, Facebook

What is bitpanda?

Bitpanda is a European


exchange founded in 2014 in Vienna, Austria. It is a regulated exchange, offering over 100 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It also offers a variety of features, such as margin trading, staking, and a crypto debit card. Bitpanda has over 3 million users and a 24-hour trading volume of over $1 billion. The exchange's maker and taker fees are 0.15% and 0.25%, respectively.

Pros and cons

Bitpanda excels in these areas:

  • Offering over 100 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, for wider selection of choices.

  • Other trading instruments like stocks, ETFs, Indices, Cryptocurrency Indices, and more available

  • Regulated by the AMF in France, ensuring a regulated trading environment.

  • More deposit and withdrawal options compared to other exchanges.

  • Users can earn rewards through multiple trading features.

  • User interface simple and easy to use, making it a good choice for beginners and experienced traders alike.

Bitpanda lacks in these areas:

  • Higher trading fees compared to other exchanges.

  • Not available in all countries, so you may not be able to use it if you live in a restricted region.

Pros Cons
Over 100 cryptocurrencies Higher trading fees
Diversified range of trading instruments Limited availability
Regulated trading environment
Simple user interface
Rewards can be earned through multiple ways
Wider selection of deposit and withdrawal options


Bitpanda is regulated by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) and holds the Digital Currency License. The Regulation Number for Bitpanda is E2020-006, and it is classified as a regulated exchange. The License Type is a Digital Currency License, and the License Name is BITPANDA GMBH.

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) is the French financial market regulator. It is an independent public authority responsible for ensuring that savings invested in financial products are protected, providing investors with adequate information and supervising the orderly operation of markets.

Security & Storage

Bitpanda boasts that it has taken some security measures to protect clients' funds .

  • Cold storage: The majority of Bitpanda's cryptocurrency assets are stored in cold storage, which means that they are offline and not connected to the internet. This makes them much less vulnerable to cyberattacks.

  • Multi-signature wallets: Bitpanda's hot wallets (which are connected to the internet) use multi-signature wallets. This means that multiple people need to approve a transaction before it can be processed. This makes it much more difficult for unauthorized individuals to access user funds.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): Bitpanda requires all users to enable 2FA. This means that users need to enter a code from their phone in addition to their password when logging in. This adds an extra layer of security to prevent unauthorized access to accounts.

Trading Markets

Bitpanda offers a variety of trading products catering to diverse investment interests. One of its key offerings is the ability to buy, sell, and swap cryptocurrencies, allowing users to trade in various digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In addition to cryptocurrencies, Bitpanda enables clients to invest in stocks with the appealing feature of zero commission fees. This makes stock trading more accessible and cost-effective for traders.

Further expanding its investment portfolio, Bitpanda provides opportunities to invest in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). These funds, which hold assets like stocks, commodities, or bonds, are available for trading 24/7, giving investors the flexibility to engage in the market at any time.

In the realm of digital assets, Bitpanda stands out with its offering of Crypto Indices. This product is particularly notable as it represents the world's first real crypto index, allowing investors to track and invest in the performance of a selection of cryptocurrencies, offering a more diversified approach to crypto investment.

Bitpanda also caters to those interested in more traditional investment options, such as precious metals. Clients can invest in various precious metals, diversifying their investment portfolio beyond digital and stock-based assets.

Lastly, Bitpanda includes commodities in its array of investment options. The platform allows for investment in various commodities with the convenience of 24/7 trading, similar to its ETFs.

Additionally, Bitpanda offers the option of using leverage in trading, specifically for top cryptocurrencies. This enables traders to potentially amplify their trading position in the cryptocurrency market, offering opportunities for greater returns while also carrying higher risks. This feature of going long or short provides traders with more strategies in their cryptocurrency trading endeavors.

Cryptocurrencies available

There are over 100 cryptocurrencies available on the Bitpanda exchange. This includes both major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as smaller altcoins.

You can find the full list of cryptocurrencies available on the exchange right here:

Bitpanda does not have a set coin listing speed. The time it takes for cryptocurrency to be listed on Bitpanda depends on a number of factors, including cryptocurrency popularity, cryptocurrency liquidity, regulatory requirements for the cryptocurrency, compliance requirements for Bitpanda, etc. In general, Bitpanda is relatively quick to list new cryptocurrencies. However, there have been some cases where it has taken several months for cryptocurrency to be listed.

Apart from cryptocurrencies, itpanda also offers different instruments to invest in, such as stocks, ETFs, crypto indices, valuable metals, and commodities.

Other Services

Bitpanda Technology Solutions stands out as a key service offered by Bitpanda, targeting businesses and organizations. It is designed to leverage Bitpanda's technological infrastructure, enabling these entities to offer a seamless trading experience to their own users. This service suggests that Bitpanda has a robust, scalable, and secure platform that can be integrated into third-party systems, allowing them to tap into the growing demand for digital asset trading without having to develop their own backend systems from scratch.

In addition to this, Bitpanda offers Bitpanda Custody, a service tailored towards the secure management of cryptoassets. This custodial wallet platform is designed with institutional-grade security in mind, ensuring that assets are held in a safe and insured environment. The platform's user-friendly nature, combined with features for automation and management, makes it ideal for institutional clients or high-net-worth individuals who require a secure and efficient way to manage large volumes of digital assets.

Lastly, there's Bitpanda Business, a service specifically designed for businesses looking to invest their idle cash. This service offers a gateway to over 3000 digital assets, providing a wide array of investment opportunities. The focus here is on safety, security, and compliance with regulations, making it a viable option for businesses seeking to diversify their investments or explore digital assets as a new avenue for growing their idle cash reserves. The fully regulated nature of this service ensures that businesses can invest with confidence, knowing that they are operating within the bounds of established financial regulations.

How to open an account?

The registration process for Bitpanda is relatively straightforward and can be completed in six simple steps:

1. Visit the Bitpanda website and click on the “Register” button to begin the registration process.

2. Provide your email address and create a strong, unique password. This password will be used to secure your account and should be kept confidential.

3. Verify your email address by clicking on the verification link sent to your email inbox. This step is necessary to ensure the security of your account.

4. Complete the identification process by providing your personal information, including your full name, date of birth, and residential address. This information is required for compliance with Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations.

5. Upload the necessary identification documents, such as a valid government-issued ID or passport, to verify your identity. This step is also part of the KYC process and guarantees the security and integrity of the platform.

6. Once your identity is successfully verified, you can deposit funds into your Bitpanda account and start trading cryptocurrencies.

By following these six steps, users can easily register for a Bitpanda account and gain access to the platform's features and services.

How to buy Cryptos?

To deposit money into your Bitpanda fiat wallet and purchase cryptocurrencies, the process involves a few straightforward steps. Firstly, for depositing fiat currency, you start by clicking on the “Deposit” button located on the navigation bar of the Bitpanda platform, whether on desktop or mobile apps. Select the appropriate fiat wallet for the currency you're depositing and choose a payment provider. You'll then enter the amount you wish to deposit and proceed to a summary page. After agreeing to the terms and confirming the payment method is yours, for certain methods, you'll need to enter an SMS-PIN (not required for bank transfers). Complete the payment on the payment provider's website or follow bank transfer instructions. Once done, you'll be redirected back to Bitpanda, and your fiat wallet will be credited.

For buying cryptocurrency, once you have money in your fiat wallet, you navigate to the “Trade” section and select “Buy.” Choose the cryptocurrency or digital asset you want to buy, and select your fiat wallet as the payment source. Decide on the amount you wish to purchase, and then review your order in the summary. After forgoing your right of withdrawal, confirm the purchase to complete the transaction. This process allows you to quickly react to market changes and make timely investments in various cryptocurrencies.


On Bitpanda Pro, when you trade normally, there's a fee called a “maker fee” which can be up to 0.15%. But if you do a lot of trading and your total trading volume goes above 100,000 EUR in a month, this fee can go down. The highest fee you might pay for quick trades, called a “taker fee,” is 0.25%.

Deposit & Withdrawal

Deposit and withdrawal terms vary based on the currency you are using, such as USD, EURO, and others.

For EURO deposit and withdrawal:

Payment method Deposit limit (EUR) Withdrawal limit (EUR)
Online Payments 10,000 100,000
Credit Card 2,500 N/A
Bank Transfer (SEPA) 10,000,000 5,000,000

For EURO deposits and withdrawals, users can select from these payment choices: SEPA, ApplePay, SOFORT, VISA, Mastercard, eps, giropay, Skrill, and NELLER. Similarly, for withdrawals, users have the option to use Skrill, NETELLER, bitpanda payments, or SEPA.

The smallest amount you can use to buy and sell assets is €1.00 or the equivalent in GBP, CHF, USD, TRY, PLN, SEK, DKK, HUF, or CZK.

For USD deposit and withdrawal:

Payment option Deposit limit (USD) Withdrawal limit (USD)
Online payments 10,867 108,674
Credit card 2,717 5,433,725
Bank transfer (SEPA) 10,867,450 5,433,725
Skrill 10,867 108,674
Transfer 10,867 108,674

For deposit and withdrawal using this currency, users have the option to make payments using Skrill, VISA, Mastercard, or Bank Transfer, and for withdrawals, you can choose between Skrill or Bank Transfer. The minimum amount for depositing and withdrawing funds in USD via bank transfer is $25.

Customer Support

Bitpanda offers customer support to assist users with any inquiries or issues they may encounter. The customer support team is available from Monday to Friday, during regular business hours. Users can reach out to the customer support team through various contact channels, including email and a contact form on the Bitpanda website.

When it comes to supported languages, Bitpanda provides customer support in English and German. Users can communicate with the support team in either of these languages to receive assistance.

Overall, Bitpanda aims to provide responsive and helpful customer support to ensure a positive user experience.

Is bitpanda a Good Exchange for You?

Bitpanda appears to be a good exchange for traders in the following types:

  • Traders who are looking for variety beyond cryptocurrencies may trade commodities, metals, ETFs, and more.

  • Traders who want to earn rewards through multiple trading features.

  • Traders who trade cryptocurrencies frequently and trade at a large volume.

Has bitpanda experienced any controversy?

Yes, Bitpanda has experienced some controversies a few years ago.

  • In 2020, there were some complaints from users about poor customer service and long delays in processing withdrawals. However, Bitpanda acknowledged these issues and said they were working to improve their customer support.

  • In 2021, Bitpanda had a security breach in which unauthorized access was gained to some user accounts. However, the company said only a small subset of users were impacted. They reset passwords as a precautionary measure.

  • There have been some criticisms about Bitpanda's trading fees being higher compared to some other exchanges. However, their fee structure remains competitive overall.

  • In 2022, Bitpanda was fined €50,000 by Austria's financial regulator for violations related to anti-money laundering laws. The company said it accepted the fine and was working to enhance its AML procedures.

Compare BitMart with other exchanges

Trading Fees Taker fees: 0.25%Maker Fees: 0.15% Maker: 0.04%, Taker: 0.075% Maker: 0.05% - 0.1%, Taker: 0.1% - 0.5% Up to 0.40% maker fee and up to 0.60% for taker fee
Cryptocurrencies 100+ 500+ 11 200+
Regulation Regulated by AMF Regulated by NMLS, MAS/FinCEN (Exceeded) Regulated by FSA ( Japan), NMLS, CSSF, DFI, NYSDFS Regulated by NMLS , FCA, NYSDFS, SEC (Exceeded), FINTRAC (Exceeded)

User Reviews

Liam Anderson

May 22, 2022

“Bitpanda has really impressed me. First off, the security feels solid – they've got those 2-factor thingies and cold storage for cryptos, so I sleep better at night. Plus, they're all legit with regulations, which is a big plus for me. The interface? Clean and easy-peasy. Love how I can switch between cryptos, ETFs, and metals without feeling lost. And boy, liquidity is like a breeze – trades go smooth even in busy times. They've got a bunch of cryptos to choose from, and their customer support? Quick and helpful, no complaints. Now, the fees? I'm cool with them – competitive enough.”

Jackson Mitchell

August 20, 2021

“ I gave Bitpanda a go, and honestly, I'm not that thrilled. Yeah, sure, they talk about security, but where's the extra mile? I need more assurance, ya know? And don't get me started on regulation. Feels kinda like they're doing their own thing. The interface? Not bad, but kinda glitchy sometimes. Liquidity, my friend, is hit or miss. And yeah, they have cryptos, but come on, who doesn't these days? Their support? Oh boy, don't even get me started. Slow response, and they act like they're reading off a script. Trading fees? Way higher than I'd like. And privacy? Seriously questionable. I want my data safe, man. Withdrawals? Slower than a sloth. ”


In conclusion, Bitpanda is a

cryptocurrency exchange

that offers a transparent fee structure, a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods, and educational resources to support users in their trading journey. The platform caters to different types of traders and investors, with a user-friendly interface for beginners and a wide range of cryptocurrencies for experienced traders. However, some users have reported issues with customer support response times and occasional delays in processing. It is important for individuals to consider their own needs and preferences when evaluating Bitpanda as an exchange option.


Q: What are the trading fees on Bitpanda?

A: Bitpanda implements a fee structure that is: taker fee 0.25%, maker fee 0.15%.

Q: What deposit and withdrawal methods are available on Bitpanda?

A: Bitpanda offers a variety of deposit methods, including bank transfers, credit/debit card payments, and various online payment providers. For withdrawals, users can withdraw funds to their bank accounts, credit/debit cards, or online payment providers.

Q: How long does it take to process withdrawals on Bitpanda?

A: The processing time for withdrawals on Bitpanda may vary depending on the chosen method. Bank transfers typically take 1-3 business days, while credit/debit card withdrawals and withdrawals to online payment providers are usually processed within 1-2 business days.

Q: What languages is the customer support available in?

A: Bitpanda provides customer support in English and German.

Q: Which target groups would find Bitpanda suitable?

A: Bitpanda is suitable for beginner traders, experienced traders, long-term investors, traders interested in tokens, and English and German speakers.

Q: What are some advantages of using Bitpanda?

A: Some advantages of using Bitpanda include its transparent fee structure, a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, and educational resources to support users in their trading journey.

Q: Is Bitpanda a reliable exchange?

A: Bitpanda has a user-friendly interface and offers a range of features and services, but individuals should conduct research and consider their own needs and preferences to determine if it aligns with their requirements.

Risk Warning

Cryptocurrency trading involves significant risk, and you may lose all of your invested capital. It is not suitable for all traders or investors. Please ensure that you understand the risks involved and note that the information contained in this article is for general information purposes only.


The views in this article only represent the author's personal views, and do not constitute investment advice on this platform. This platform does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information in the article, and will not be liable for any loss caused by the use of or reliance on the information in the article.

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