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Georgian Wine's Authenticity and Quality to be Encouraged by Cardano Blockchain

WikiBit 2022-09-22 15:49

Abstract:The quality of Georgian wine will be maintained at a high level with the usage of Cardano's blockchain technology. Alongwith Swiss linked goods and packaging platform Scantrust, the foundation will establish a verification and traceable system that is "innovative" and "cost-effective."


  The Bolnisi Winemakers Association, Scantrust, and Georgia's National Wine Agency have partnered up to enhance the consistency and authenticity of the country's wine, according to a statement from the Cardano Foundation.

  Mel McCann, vice president of engineering at the Cardano Foundation, stated:

  “This collaboration will develop a creative, cost-effective, and flexible certification and traceability system, which will provide transparency and authenticity for wineries and customers from the point of harvest to the point of consumption.”

  The collaboration with independent wineries to create a sustainable, shareable, and affordable platform will be led by the Cardano Foundation.


  The report states:

  “A pilot program will be expanded in the Bolnisi region, serving both local and export markets. It will include up to 100,000 bottles of wine harvested during the Autumn 2022 period and subsequently bottled during Spring 2023.”

  Customers will have the ability to monitor the history and provenance of commodities thanks to the bottles' encrypted and distinctive QR codes. Since credibility and transparency are crucial parts of consumer goods, the identifiable solution fueled by blockchain is seen as a preliminary step toward generating more wine.

  Bolnisi Winemakers Association founder Guram Avkopashvili remarked:

  “Our goal is to produce and export 12 million bottles of wine in Bolnisi in 10 years. Currently, we produce a total of 200,000 bottles of wine, which we sell to the Georgian, European, US, Australian, and Chinese markets.”

  The blockchain network will assist in lowering the cost of combating counterfeit items.


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