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Meme cryptocurrency launches television campaign across the U.S. and Turkey

 Meme cryptocurrency launches television campaign across the U.S. and Turkey WikiBit 2022-03-16 12:12

Decentralized technology gives a modern twist to the underdog story

Sarah Jansen 10 minutes ago Meme cryptocurrency launches television campaign across the U.S. and Turkey

Decentralized technology gives a modern twist to the underdog story.


The world loves a good underdog story. At its core, many associate themselves with the underdog, recognizing the uphill battle they have overcome in their own lives. The capability to relate has since made the story universal, with similar narratives of constant difficulty being met with miraculous achievements occurring across sports, business and now cryptocurrencies aimed at evening the financial playing field. Not only do these stories give the world the inspiration needed to inspire their own forms of change, but with decentralized technologies, they also give participants a chance to be a part of the success.

Floki is a community-driven cryptocurrency project combining the power of memes with utility and charity to give opportunity back to the people. The people, who are also seen as underdogs, currently face ongoing pressure from venture capitalists and hedge funds in a David and Goliath scenario. Floki then emerged with the goal to one day become the most known and used cryptocurrency on the planet. Unfortunately, in a market saturated with poor-intentioned projects and educational barriers, this has proven to be an uphill battle.

With the Viking story spurring the projects efforts onwards, Floki has grown to include four major utility offerings: the Valhalla NFT Metaverse Game, DeFi, the FlokiPlaces NFT & Merchandise Marketplace and the Floki University Educational platform.

In addition to utility, Floki focuses on two additional pillars to drive change. As previously mentioned, these pillars include meme culture, speaking to the ability to appeal to the rich, poor, young and old, alike, and charity, for its ability to make life easier for the world at large. On the charity front, Floki has partnered with the Tabitha Cumi Foundation to build a state-of-the-art school in Nigeria, an effort that is nearing 50% completion.

Becoming a household name

With their eyes set to becoming a household name in 2022, Floki is launching what may be their most aggressive marketing campaign to date. The marketing initiative consists of a major television campaign encompassing a series of strategic commercials to target the United States and Turkey. At this time, 15 different 40-second ads will be run over a two-month period.

As a part of this television campaign, Floki has secured prominent features on American television chanels, including MSNBC, Fox Business, ESPN, Fox News, Discovery, CNBC and CNN. The ads began runing on Feb. 21 and will continue to run in conjunction with the television ads airing in Turkey. Using available data, the TV campaign is expected to reach over 250 million impressions, cementing the projects rightful place in the financial sector.

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Turkey is recognized as an important market and key target for Flokis marketing campaign based on research conducted by Paribu, a local cryptocurrency exchange. In recent findings, the user base for this asset class has grown 11 times in the last year.

Building an engaged community

As the underdog, Floki has come a long way in the 2021 year alone, now being recognized for having a multi-billion dollar market cap throughout the year. This success has largely been attributed to continuous efforts falling under the teams global advertising campaign, which produced an active and engaged community. The community, which includes 400,000 token holders, will soon become the foundation for the anticipated Valhalla release.

Following the project‘s roadmap into 2022, the team’s focus will remain on continuing their marketing efforts, which will grow to encompass testing efforts on their flagship game.

Floki, which now exists as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), will allow token holders to vote on the next steps for the project. By giving voice to the community, the company will continue to reinforce its vision of becoming the crypto by the people for the people.


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