BitForex Supports Support the Cocos-BCX (COCOS) Contract Swap & Rebrand to COMBO (COMBO)


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2023-06-02 14:16

Dear BitForex Users, . The Cocos-BCX team is scheduled to implement a contract swap and rebrand to COMBO , BitForex will support the contract swap and token rebrand for COCOS holders. . The detailed schedule on BitForex is as follows: Swap Ratio: 1:1.COMBO Contract Address : 0xc03fBF20A586fa89C2a5f6F941458E1Fbc40c661.COCOS/USDT Spot trading will be hidden from the spot market on 2023/06/02 at 16:00 , all COCOS pending orders will be canceled and the funds will be unlocked in your spot account..BitForex will no longer support the Cocos-BCX deposit & withdrawal services on 2023/06/02 at 16:00 ..A separate announcement will be published once the contract swap is complete, deposit withdrawal, and spot trading of COMBO tokens will be resumed.. For more information: COMBO Rebranding: Introducing Updated . . BitForex Team. 2023/06/02. . Find us on. Telegram: Discord: Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: