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A Visit to LCG in Bahamas -- Office Confirmed Existed

Field Survey Time 2022-04-15
A Visit to LCG in Bahamas -- Office Confirmed Existed
A Visit to LCG in Bahamas -- Office Confirmed ExistedA Visit to LCG in Bahamas -- Office Confirmed ExistedA Visit to LCG in Bahamas -- Office Confirmed ExistedA Visit to LCG in Bahamas -- Office Confirmed ExistedA Visit to LCG in Bahamas -- Office Confirmed Existed

Reason for this visit

The Bahamas is one of the wealthiest countries in the Caribbean, with a GDP per capita that is second only to the United States and Canada among the 156 countries in the Western Hemisphere. Once a British colony, the Bahamas' stable parliamentary democracy is based on British law. The Bahamas has not had much negative news in the crypto market and even stands out more in this regard as the country moved quickly in late 2020 to develop a comprehensive framework for crypto spot and derivatives trading, which gives it a head start. In order to help investors or practitioners get a more comprehensive understanding of crypto dealers in Bahamas, the survey team is going to the country for field visits.

On-site visit

This time the survey team visited the crypto dealer LCG in Bahamas, with the specific address at 5 North Buckner Square Olde Towne, Sandyport West Bay Street.



Based on the above address, the survey team arrived at the destination of this survey, Nassau, the capital city of the Bahamas, which is located in the North Atlantic Ocean near the United States. There was a row of bungalows of different colors. Most of them were for commercial use, while a small number of them should be residential units. The surveyors found the office of crypto dealer LCG at the address, with a clear logo and door number outside the door.


As the office was unmanned at the time, the surveyors did not receive any response after knocking on the door. Although the surveyors regretted that they were unable to gain access to the interior, they confirmed that the office of the dealer LCG actually existed.


The survey team went to Bahamas, to visit the crypto dealer LCG as planned, and the dealer's logo could be found on its publicly displayed address, indicating that the dealer has a real place of business. Unfortunately, the surveyors were not able to visit and photograph the interior of the company, so the exact scale of its operations was still unknown. Investors are advised to make their choice after comprehensive consideration.


The content is for informational purpose only, and shall not be taken as final order for making choice.

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