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Greg Dwyer of BitMEX pleads guilty to money laundering

Gregory Dwyer previously served as head of Business Development at BitMEX. Plea bargain calls for him to spend five years in prison and pay $150,000 fine. Follows co-founders Benjamin Delo, Arthur Hayes and Samuel Reed's guilty pleas.

News 2022-08-10 16:30

Mark Cuban calls buying Metaverse land "the dumbest sh*t ever"

Cuban believes NFT lands can be created as much as needed, negating the scarcity fundamental. "It's not even as good as a URL or an ENS [Ethernet naming service] because there are unlimited volumes that you can create," he said.

News 2022-08-10 16:18

Off-Chain Labs has Reddit Community Points for Ethereum Mainnet.

Millions of Reddit users will now be able to make transactions more scalable and secure using the protocol's AnyTrust technology. The partnership marks the first major deployment on the Arbitrum Nova chain.

News 2022-08-10 16:02

After meeting with a Binance official, CZ eyes Monaco for expansion

Genta has a profound influence on the government as it concerns the region's digital transformation. Binance will commit funds and resources to help power the growth of the local community.

News 2022-08-09 20:08

Smart Contract Dispute Resolution

Smart contract dispute resolution refers to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) measures for smart contract transactions. Smart contracts are self-executing programs that are stored on a blockchain like Ethereum. The program ensures that the actions agreed upon in the contract are carried out, removing the need for trust in exchanges.

News 2022-08-09 16:13

Learn How to Navigate Your Emotions in the Virtual World In every way, the Metaverse is an exac

Experts have raised concerns about the basics of emotional psychology in the digital world. The Metaverse is forged to piggyback off of rewarding pathways inside the brain. It might cause issues like depression and irritability but it can also treat mental issues like phobias and PTSD. As the Metaverse targets teens, it has dire consequences in the long run. Tech companies should employ tools to ensure the safety of users' mental and emotional health.

News 2022-08-09 14:25

Ethereum fork divides crypto community

MEXC, Gate Exchange, and BitMEX have all come out in support of ETH hard forks. Hard forks are not supported by Chainlink or the Digital Currency Group. Some are pushing against the merge by advertising for a potential "ETH PoW" chain post-upgrade.

News 2022-08-09 12:02

Zenex Runs Token Sale on P2PB2B -

The token sale session for Zenex is now live on the P2PB2B exchange. When buying ZNX, users will get a 5% bonus additionally.  You can buy tokens until

Industry 2022-08-09 03:16

Binance and WazirX founders debate ownership

WazirX is one of India's most well-known cryptocurrency trading platforms. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) recently seized the trading platform's bank account. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao and Nischal Shetty have both distanced themselves from the troubled trading platform.

News 2022-08-08 23:47

Bybit-backed gaming platform enters the Web3 world

Yeeha Games is a $50 million-funded GameFi platform sponsored by crypto exchange Bybit. The Web3 platform wants to showcase a variety of blockchain games over the next eighteen months. InfiniteWorld, a metaverse and Web3 infrastructure startup, recently bought Super Bit Machine.

News 2022-08-08 23:28