Hello everyone im writing here



2024-03-19 02:24国旗Egypt
Hello everyone im writing here for whom who would ever get a chance to trade and even hear about this liar fraud platform ..I heard about it from a singaporian friend .. it claimed that is clear and has varios easier way and nodes to trade The usdt entry was easy and i deposited an a honest amount to give it a try 🤦🏼‍♂️ and i regret that when money enlarged by 100 usdt and i didnt use the account for more than 2 months , despite having a safe password for funds withdrawal .. i tried to withdraw .. made an application .. and added my binance account .. 2 days later .. the money didn’t arrive and the system got my account freezed and told me that my assests are in review! So i waited for more than a month .. nothing yet .. i tried to mail them .. no mail .. so got to the call centre .. explained the problem and they ignored me and the told me the account was at calm status for 2 months .. so i told them that i verify thats me and there is a safe passwords for withdrawals ..