unable to withdraw



2023-05-02 18:25国旗 Taiwan
It's unable to withdraw from this platform. At the beginning, there were two transactions that were successful. From the third time, every withdrawal was shown successful, but the crypto can't be withdrawn to the wallet I designated. Now I dare not withdraw the currency. As long as I withdraw the crypto, it will disappear. No matter how much money is withdrawn, the money is gone.
這個平台無法提幣 剛開始有兩筆可以成功 第三次開始每次提幣都顯視成功但是幣沒有到我指定的錢包裡 我現在根本都不敢提幣 只要我提幣就都不見了 我現在根本都不敢去提幣 不管提多少錢就是錢都不見了
Unable to Withdraw