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ZT's trick



2022-03-28 16:23 国旗
I joined ZT at the end of 2021. I thought that I encounter a great opportunity that ZT listed new coins. It reaches its peak when it is listed. You stuck when you buy. I sell many times during this period, but unfortunately there is no other people nor depth. Roningmz is down to half and it cannot be withdrawn till it is delisted. I was locked in the market and try to withdraw and leave. However, the platform suspends the withdrawal. You cannot leave and locked with the account. I thought that it is unique due to unluck. But, when I opened ZT again, the star coin for many exchanges, Ape exchange pairs is also suspended withdrawal. There is only deposit but not withdraw. I found that I was decevied. It is a fraud exchange.
2021年底!入套zt!当中恰逢ZT上新币!我以为自己遇到了千载难逢的机遇! 上线即巅峰! 买入即套牢! 当中拋了数次!无奈没有对手盘!也没有深度!roningmz直接腰斩! 当我腰斩! 再腰斩! 仍出不了货! 直至下架! 被锁在盘中!提币走人! 但是平台暂停提币! 想走没门!一直被zt锁在帳户上! 我自以为这是个例!自己没有财运!流年不利! 但是! 但是! 今日!当我再次打开ZT! 今日的明星币!各大交易所的新宠! Ape/交易对竟也暂停提币!只留有充值入口! 没有提币入口! 我发现我被骗了! 这是一个骗子交易所!
Unable to Withdraw


Unable to Withdraw