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SBI VC Trade, a virtual currency exchange based in Japan, was founded in 2016. It is registered as a cryptocurrency exchange with the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), ensuring compliance with

Aspect Information
Company Name SBI VC Trade
Registered Country/Area Japan
Founded Year 2016
Regulatory Authorities Registered as a cryptocurrency exchange with the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA)
Cryptocurrencies Available Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and more
Trading Fees Account Management Fee: None, Spot Trading Fee: Free for sales transactions
Payment Method Bank transfers, cryptocurrency deposits, and withdrawals
Customer Support Phone: 03-6779-5110, Twitter: SBI VC Official, Email:

Overview of SBI VC Trade

SBI VC Trade, a virtual currency exchange based in Japan, was founded in 2016. It is registered as a


exchange with the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

The exchange offers a range of cryptocurrencies for trading, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Traders can access the platform through a web-based interface or a mobile app, providing convenience and accessibility.

In terms of deposit and withdrawal methods, SBI VC Trade allows users to make transactions through bank transfers as well as cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. This provides flexibility for users to manage their funds according to their preferences.

Pros and cons

Pros Cons
Regulated by FSA in Japan Limited variety of cryptocurrencies
Wide range of market instruments Interface may not be suitable for beginners
Integrated services like SBI Web3 Wallet Higher trading fees compared to some platforms
User-friendly VCTRADE app
Multiple customer support channels
Flexible payment methods
Transparent fee structure


  • Regulated by FSA in Japan: SBI VC Trade is regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan, providing users with a level of regulatory oversight and compliance.

  • 2. Wide Range of Market Instruments: The platform offers a wide range of market instruments, including spot transactions, leverage trading, lending coins, staking, and a secure SBI Web3 Wallet, providing users with various options for trading and managing their digital assets.

    3. Integrated Services like SBI Web3 Wallet: SBI VC Trade provides integrated services, such as the SBI Web3 Wallet, allowing users to easily engage in on-chain NFT transactions using Japanese yen. The wallet has a zero-fee structure, promoting cost transparency.

    4. User-friendly VCTRADE App: The VCTRADE mobile app is user-friendly. It offers a smart design, Japanese language support, and easy navigation for stress-free trading.

    5. Multiple Customer Support Channels: Users can reach customer support through various channels, including phone, the official website, and social media platforms, providing flexibility for users to seek assistance.

    6. Flexible Payment Methods: SBI VC Trade allows users to make transactions through bank transfers as well as cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, providing flexibility in managing funds according to user preferences.

    7. Transparent Fee Structure: The platform maintains a transparent fee structure, with no account opening or maintenance fees for both spot and leveraged trading, enhancing clarity for users regarding associated costs.


    • Limited Variety of Cryptocurrencies: SBI VC Trade offers a limited variety of cryptocurrencies for trading, potentially restricting user choices compared to platforms with a more extensive range of available assets.

    • 2. Interface May Not be Suitable for Beginners: The platform's interface may pose challenges for beginners, with potential complexities that could hinder a smooth onboarding experience for those new to cryptocurrency trading.

      3. Higher Trading Fees Compared to Some Platforms: SBI VC Trade's trading fees are comparatively higher than those of some other platforms, potentially impacting the cost-effectiveness of trading activities for users.

      Regulatory Authorities

      SBI VC Trade, operating under the company name SBI VCトレード株式会社, is regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) in Japan. The exchange holds the Regulatory Number 関東財務局長 第00005号 and is classified as a regulated exchange. The license type is Digital Currency License, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements set forth by the FSA.


      SBI VC Trade prioritizes security measures to ensure the protection of users' funds and personal information. The exchange implements industry-standard security protocols, including encryption technology and two-factor authentication, to safeguard user accounts from unauthorized access.

      Trading Market

      SBI VC Trade offers a wide range of market instruments, with the Spot Transaction being a fundamental feature.

      In a spot transaction, users can directly buy or sell cryptocurrencies at the current market price. This straightforward process involves the immediate exchange of assets, providing users with real-time transactions for various cryptocurrencies available on the platform.

      Moreover, the platform extends beyond conventional spot trading, offering additional functionalities like Leverage Trading. This feature allows users to amplify their market exposure, potentially increasing profits (or losses) by trading with borrowed funds.

      SBI VC Trade also supports Lending Coins, enabling users to lend their idle cryptocurrency holdings to others in exchange for interest. This can be an attractive option for those seeking additional passive income through their crypto assets.

      For those interested in earning rewards while participating in network validation, the platform facilitates Staking. Users can lock up their cryptocurrencies to support the blockchain network and, in return, receive staking rewards.

      Additionally, SBI VC Trade integrates a secure SBI Web3 Wallet, providing users with a reliable and user-friendly solution for managing their digital assets. This wallet supports various cryptocurrencies and enhances the overall user experience by ensuring the safety and accessibility of their funds.

      Cryptocurrencies available

      SBI VC Trade offers a variety of cryptocurrencies for trading, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). These cryptocurrencies are subject to price fluctuations on exchanges, which are influenced by market factors such as supply and demand, investor sentiment, and global economic events.


      Beyond trading, SBI VC Trade provides an integrated suite of services, including the SBI Web3 Wallet. This wallet extends functionality beyond conventional trading platforms, allowing users to easily buy and sell on-chain NFTs using Japanese yen. Notably, the wallet offers a zero-fee structure, providing cost transparency for users engaged in various transactions, from crypto asset trading to NFT activities.

      The wallet's user-friendly interface simplifies the entire process, making it easy for users to navigate and manage their digital assets, from buying and selling crypto assets to engaging in NFT transactions and storage.

      One distinctive advantage is that users can directly buy and sell NFTs using Japanese yen, eliminating the need for external wallets like MetaMask. SBI VC Trade streamlines the exchange process between crypto assets and yen, enhancing convenience for customers, especially those new to the crypto space.


      VCTRADE Mobile is a user-friendly trading app suitable for both novice and experienced users. Its intuitive interface facilitates stress-free trading, providing a smart design and Japanese language support. Users can easily grasp their profit and loss status at a glance. The app ensures smooth spot and leverage trading through a straightforward operation screen. It grants convenient access to essential functions, including account management, buying and selling, deposits/remittances, and customer notifications.

      To download the app, visit the respective app store on your mobile device, search for “VCTRADE Mobile,” and follow the installation instructions for easy access to its trading features.

      How to open an account?

      The registration process of SBI VC Trade typically involves the following steps:

      • Visit the official website of SBI VC Trade and click on the “Open a new account” button.

      • 2. Fill out the registration form with the required information, including your name, email address, and password.

      • 3. Verify your email address by clicking on the verification link sent to your registered email.

      • 4. Provide additional personal information, such as your residential address and phone number.

      • 5. Complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process by submitting identification documents, such as a valid passport or driver's license.

      • 6. Once your registration and KYC information have been verified and approved, you will receive a confirmation email, allowing you to log in and start trading on the platform.

      How to Buy Cryptos?

      Buying Crypto on SBI VC Trade:

      • Login: Access your SBI VC Trade account and navigate to the “Trade” section.

      • Choose your Crypto: Select the cryptocurrency you want to buy (e.g., Bitcoin, Ethereum).

      • Spot or Margin: Decide between “Spot Trading” for immediate purchase or “Margin Trading” with leverage (borrowed funds).

      • Order Type: Choose your order type:

        • Market Order: Buy at the current market price.

        • Limit Order: Buy at a specific price you set (might not execute immediately).

        • Stop-Loss Order: Sell automatically if the price falls below a specific point.

        • Enter Amount: Specify the amount of crypto you want to buy (in currency or crypto units).

        • Review & Confirm: Double-check your order details and confirm the purchase.

        • Funding: Choose your funding method:

          • Yen Deposit: Transfer JPY from your linked bank account.

          • Crypto Transfer: Deposit existing crypto from another wallet.

          • Complete Purchase: Once funded, the crypto will be credited to your SBI VC Trade wallet.

          • Fees

            Here is SBI VC Trade's Fee Structure:

            Account Management Fee:

            Spot Trading: No account opening fee, no account maintenance fee.

            Leveraged Trading: No account opening fee, no account maintenance fee.

            Transaction Fee:

            Spot Trading: Free for sales transactions.

            Leveraged Trading: Free for exchange (Maker/Taker) fees.

            Loss Cut Fee:

            No loss cut fee for both spot and leveraged trading.

            Leverage (Open Interest) Fee:

            The current leverage fee rates apply for leveraged trading.

            Deposit/Withdrawal Fee (Japanese Yen):

            Deposit Fee: Free.

            Withdrawal Fee: Free.

            Handling Fees for Cryptocurrency Storage/Delivery (Receipt/Sending):

            Storage (Receipt) Fee for Crypto Assets: Free.

            Shipping (Sending) Fee for Crypto Assets: Free.

            When receiving crypto assets at SBI VC Trade, customers are responsible for the delivery fee, including the cost for posting on the blockchain, when sending instructions from other exchanges or wallets.

            Customer Support

            SBI VC Trade provides customer support through multiple channels.

            For direct assistance, customers can reach the company via phone at 03-6779-5110.

            The official website,, offers additional resources and information.

            For online engagement and updates, the platform maintains an official Twitter account at

            Customers can also contact the support team via email at

            Is SBI VC Trade a Good Exchange for You?

            SBI VC Trade shines for Japanese retail investors and beginners seeking a user-friendly interface, strong liquidity in popular crypto pairs, and competitive fees on spot trading. Its focus on Yen deposits, educational resources, and custodial wallet options serves those new to the crypto world and prioritize ease of use.

            SBI VC Trade may be suitable for various trading groups based on its features and offerings.

            • Japanese Investors: Being compliant with the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), SBI VC Trade may be particularly suitable for Japanese investors who prefer to trade on a local exchange. The familiarity with local regulations and the convenience of customer support in the Japanese language can be advantageous for this target group.

            • Experienced Traders: SBI VC Trade's wide range of cryptocurrencies available for trading can be attractive to experienced traders who are looking for various trading opportunities and potential for portfolio diversification. They can take advantage of the platform's regulated status, which provides a level of security and peace of mind.

            • Individuals Seeking Security: SBI VC Trade's adherence to regulatory guidelines and the use of industry-standard security protocols make it a viable option for individuals who prioritize security. These users value the exchange's commitment to protecting their funds and personal information and may find comfort in trading on a regulated platform.

            • Conclusion

              In conclusion, SBI VC Trade, as a regulated

              cryptocurrency exchange

              based in Japan, brings several advantages to the table. Being regulated by the Financial Services Agency (FSA) ensures a level of compliance and regulatory oversight, fostering a sense of security for users. The platform offers a wide range of market instruments, including spot transactions, leverage trading, and integrated services like the SBI Web3 Wallet, providing users with flexibility and convenience. The user-friendly VCTRADE app, multiple customer support channels, and flexible payment methods further contribute to a positive user experience.

              However, the platform does have its limitations. The limited variety of cryptocurrencies may deter users seeking a more extensive range of assets for trading. Additionally, the relatively higher trading fees compared to some competitors might impact the cost-effectiveness of trading activities.


              Q: Is SBI VC Trade regulated?

              A: Yes, SBI VC Trade is registered as a cryptocurrency exchange with the Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA).

              Q: Which cryptocurrencies are offered on SBI VC Trade?

              A: SBI VC Trade offers a selection of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

              Q: What are the available trading platforms on SBI VC Trade?

              A: SBI VC Trade provides a web-based platform and a mobile app for trading.

              Q: What deposit and withdrawal methods are supported by SBI VC Trade?

              A: You can deposit and withdraw funds on SBI VC Trade using bank transfers and cryptocurrency deposit/withdrawal.

              User Review

              User 1:

              SBI VC Trade rocks! Security's solid; I sleep well knowing my crypto's safe. Interface is slick - easy peasy for trading. They got a decent lineup of cryptos, and trades happen smoothly. Customer support? Top-notch – got a prob, they sort it. But those trading fees? Ouch! Could be friendlier on the wallet. Withdrawals, though, lightning fast. Overall, my go-to for stress-free crypto action!

              User 2:

              SBI VC Trade, not my crypto paradise. Sketchy on regulation – gotta know my assets are legit. The interface? Confusing maze, not user-friendly. Liquidity? Trades drag forever! Cryptos available? Limited variety, missed opportunities there. Customer support MIA – sent emails to the void. Trading fees? Highway robbery! Withdrawals move at sloth speed. Privacy vibes are okay, but the whole exchange stability feels like a Jenga tower. Needs work before I'm sold.


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