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Ethereum Blockchain Explorer Etherscan Unveils ChatGPT Integration in Code Reader – Game Changer for Developers?

WikiBit 2023-06-06 15:20

Abstract: A Leading Ethereum blockchain explorer, Etherscan, has unveiled AI integration in its newly launched Code Reader beta version.

Ethereum Blockchain Explorer Etherscan Unveils ChatGPT Integration in Code Reader – Game Changer FOR Developers?


Artificial intelligence has found more utility in the blockchain ecosystem.

A Leading Ethereum blockchain explorer, Etherscan, has unveiled AI integration in its NEWly launched Code Reader beta version.

On June 19, Etherscan announced that its new Code Reader would combine OpenAI API to retrieve and interpret SMART contract source codes.

According to the announcement, the code reader beta leverages AI capabilities to “seamlessly learn about any smart contract source code.”

Etherscans AI-powered Code Reader Aims To Simplify Blockchain Research and Development

Blockchain explorers are online search engines that enable users to view transactions and other information on blockchain networks.

Some well-known blockchain explorers include Solscan for the Solana blockchain, Etherscan for Ethereum, for Bitcoin, and BlockScout for EVM-based blockchains.

In its announcement, Etherscan noted that its newly unveiled Code Reader could accelerate Smart contract research and development.

It gives users a comprehensive understanding of how to integrate selected smart contracts with decentralized applications (dApps)

Besides the advantages of this new integration, Etherscan also highlighted its limitations.

According to the blockchain explorer, the code reader only accepts OpenAI API KEYs with sufficient usage limits. It warned that the answers may not be precisely accurate since they are AI-generated.

The blockchain explorer added a disclaimer, warning users to fact-check and verify the AI-generated responses and not to rely on them for evidence or bug bounties.

This aligns with the issues associated with AI chatbot hallucination.

Hallucination relates to AI chatbots' tendency to generate false information not backed by real-world DATA when responding to prompts.

The Code Reader is in the beta version and only supports on-off prompts. In addition, Etherscan called for suggestions from users on possible adjustments or improvements.

“This is very much a Beta release—please LET us know what youd LIKE us to add or improve,” Etherscan added.

Other AI-Powered Blockchain Analytical Tools versus Etherscan's Code Reader

Etherscan isnt the first blockchain-based platform to integrate AI tools.

On June 14, Alchemy, a leading blockchain developer, launched a ChatGPT-based tool dubbed AlchemyAI. AlchemyAI comprises a GPT-4 plugin for blockchain exploration.

Alchemys product manager, Elan Halpern, said in an interview that the firm's objective in launching the plugin is to cater to and train a model using a web3 development-specific ChatGPT.

Also, on APRIL 25, Solana LABS announced the launch of an open-source ChatGPT plugin. Solana Labs said the plugin would allow users to perform various tasks via the ChatGPT user interface.

Users can check wallet balances, transfer tokens, and purchase NFTs using the ChatGPT plugin.

The team hopes the newly unveiled tool will simplify user navigation on the Solana blockchain.

However, Etherscans AI-powered Code Reader operates differently from ChatGPT plugins.

ChatGPT plugins run on the chatbots website, while the Code Reader runs on the Etherscan platform using an OpenAI API Key.

It requires an additional cost different from a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Other GPT - 4 plugins used in blockchain analysis include Sic, DefiLlama, and CheckTheChain.

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