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Telehealth App BlockAI.Care Launches AI-Powered Mobile Health Tracking Platform

WikiBit 2023-04-19 05:11

Abstract: Oraichain, a leading Artificial Intelligence-powered oracle and blockchain ecosystem supplier, announced the launch of a cutting-edge healthcare platform BlockAI.Care on its ecosystem. 

Telehealth App BlockAI.CARE Launches AI-Powered Mobile Health Tracking PlatFORm

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Singapore, Singapore, APRIL 19th, 2023, Chainwire

Oraichain, a leading Artificial Intelligence-powered oracle and blockchain ecosystem supplier, announced the launch of a cutting-edge healthcare platform BlockAI.Care on its ecosystem. The comprehensive application integrates multiple, AI-powered models to provide an all-in-one platform for people to KEEP track of their health.

With BlockAI.Care, users have access to various health-focused AI models offered by third-party providers, making it simple to keep track of various aspects of their physical and mental well being. Aimed at people with chronic health conditions and anyone else who wants to ensure they remain fit and healthy, will provide valuable insights to users. Moreover, it serves as a vehicle for healthcare providers to promote their telehealth services, reach a wider audience of users and gain access to fresh DATA sources.

Staying healthy is a primary concern for millions of people all over the world, which explains why the global healthcare market was valued at almost $5 trillion in 2022, according to research by Precedence. Telehealth, virtual health and wearable health devices are an important and growing segment within that market, expected to grow to more than $893 billion by the end of 2023, the same study found. Thats because Telehealth is focused on preventative care and can reduce the costs of, and the TIME involved in accessing healthcare professionals.

BlockAI.Care aims to accelerate the adoption of Telehealth through an open approach that aggregates and delivers multiple AI health services to end users. It implements common modules to process healthcare data and connect AI services, enabling users to create a comprehensive health profile that monitors every aspect of their wellness, while providing personalized recommendations to promote a healthier way of LIFE.

As a healthcare superapp, BlockAI.Care offers dozens of health applications, including facial beauty scoring, a Care Bot chatbot for answering general healthcare questions, calorie tracking for weight loss and weight gain, skin condition identification and more. Each of the apps AI services can be accessed via an open-source AI marketplace, which bridges individual services to the platform, including those from BlockAI.Care and other providers.

Healthcare profiles are created through an API that makes it simple for users to connect various AI-powered health services and build a comprehensive view of their health status. While doing so, users retain full control of their healthcare data, which is encrypted and stored in a decentralized storage network called EUENO. Users therefore retain full control over who can and cannot access their private data, and can even monetize their healthcare information by sharing it anonymously with third-party providers.

BlockAI.Care provides a comprehensive range of AI healthcare services powered by Oraichains infrastructure via a single platform. Users can easily keep track of their health, receive alerts for any medical issues they need to be aware of, and get paid for participating by sharing their data to improve the various services BlockAI.Care offers.

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