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The OFAC regulations are causing Ethereum to be almost entirely banned.

The OFAC regulations are causing Ethereum to be almost entirely banned. WikiBit 2022-11-09 21:45

Concerns about censorship in the blockchain environment have grown as a result of the rise to 73% in daily creation of OFAC-compliant Ethereum blocks.

The market has already been watching Ethereum's rates increase to OFAC regulations in response to the Ethereum framework restriction that creates obstacles to the crypto ecosystem's goal of highly open and available financing. Over 73% of the transactions on the Ethereum network in the last 24 hours, according to the current updates, have been found to enforce OFAC compliance.

Top crypto news outlets issued a report on the escalating censorship issues in October 2022, when it was discovered that 51% of Ethereum blocks had already passed OFAC rules. However, according to mevWatch data, the percentage of daily blocks produced that are compliant with OFAC requirements has climbed to 73% as of November third.

Some MEV-Boost relays required by OFAC might censor financial activity in the meantime. As a result, the network must install a non-censoring MEV-Boost relay in order to ensure Ethereum's impartiality.

Ethereum examiners can further loosen their compliance with OFAC rules by deleting intermediaries like BloXroute Max Profit, BloxRoute Ethical, Manifold, and Relayooor from their MEV-Boost setup.

A US government agency imposes sanctions against cryptocurrency retailers

The US govt agency has the authority to impose trade and economic penalties on crypto outlets based on compliance with OFAC. The agency had already authorized Tornado Cash and a number of Ethereum addresses. In addition, at the moment this report was being written, 45% of all Ethereum transactions complied fully with OFAC rules.

The popularity of Bitcoin BTC tickers decreased by $21,265 after UnionBank, one of the leading global financial institutions in the Philippines, launched cryptocurrency exchanges in conjunction with the Swiss cryptocurrency business Metaco. However, Ethereum adoption increased.

This shows that the protocol is still extensively used despite apparently the purported censorship of it.

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