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Celsius Might Repay Clients With Assets That Are Wrapped

WikiBit 2022-09-30 15:38

Abstract:According to a newly released video, Celsius Network executives are considering repaying clients by issuing fresh wrapped assets to trade on other platforms.


  The co-founder and CEO of Celsius, Nuke Goldstein, appears to provide greater detail about the employer's decision to reimburse Earn consumers in the tape that Tiffany Fong posted.

  The previously leaked all-hands meeting recording is credited to Celsius customer and public figure Fong.

  The Block reports that wallets will be refilled with the remainder of the money Celsius set aside for consumer repayment. The business will then issue wrapped tokens, often referred to as Cx tokens, to indicate the ratio of how much the corporation owes to the amount that it has on hand.

  Customers can either wait for a higher payout when additional revenue comes in or redeem wrapped tokens that will be available. As Goldstein mentioned impending mining, ETH staked money, and other coins that may become liquid, the company made this statement.

  Customers will also have the option to exchange the wrapped tokens on other marketplaces in addition to redeeming them, according to Goldstein. According to him, users would have the option to withdraw their tokens and transfer them to Uniswap or even other marketplaces to let the community determine the tokens' valuation.

  Fong claims that she received the new tape on September 1 as opposed to the leaked all-hands meeting recording.

  Another audio from a firm all-hands meeting featuring CEO Alex Mashinsky detailing a strategy to resurrect the business, code-named Kelvin, was made public two weeks ago.

  The creditor committee attested to Mashinsky's meeting with them and his presentation of a plan. In the bankruptcy proceedings, the creditor committee stands in for the interests of creditors and customers.

  After ceasing withdrawals due to “extreme” market conditions in July, Celsius filed for Chapter 11 protection. The court is presently hearing the case. Three of the company's corporate entities were shown to be holding stablecoins worth $23 million. The business did not specify which of the 11 stablecoin types it now holds.

  The insolvent crypto lender reportedly asked the bankruptcy court on September 15 for permission to sell its stablecoin holdings in order to pay for its Chapter 11 proceedings.

  According to Blockchain.News, the New Jersey-based company plans to sell its present stablecoins as well as any further ones it might receive in the future, if needed, to raise money to support its operations.

  The sale procedures would primarily fund Celsius Network's operations if the move is approved by the presiding Judge Martin Glenn, the chief U.S. bankruptcy judge.

  Another development involves the establishment of an impartial third party to investigate Celsius's financial situation.

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