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OKX Wallet to Support Sui Network


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2023-04-24 23:33

Dear OKX users: To better promote the new network and prosper the multi-chain ecosystem, OKX Wallet will come as one of the FIRST multi-chain wallets to integrate the Sui Network upgrade! By then, you will be able to view and trade assets on Sui in the OKX Mobile App and OKX Wallet Web Extension. At the same time, OKX wallet has launched the Sui Airdrop Carnival on Galxe together with Sui World. Use the Sui testnet address to participate and complete the campaign tasks, and import the address to the OKX wallet after the Sui mainnet go live, you will have the opportunity to share the Sui token airdrop of 5K US dollars! ! Campaign link: OKXApril 15, 2023 . Download OKX App for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows >>>. Click here for Twitter >>>. Click here for Telegram >>>. Click here for Discord >>>. Click here for Youtube >>>. More >>>.