Borrow with Zero Interest for APT, USDT in Margin, Win Both Long and Short


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2023-01-22 22:01

Dear KuCoin Users,To thank all users for their continued support of KuCoin, KuCoin Margin will launch daily random interest-free activities for APT, USDT tokens from January 23, 2023 to January 25, 2023 . .Activity Period: January 23, 2023 to January 25, 2023 02:00 06:00 12:00 Activity Rules: KuCoin's official margin trading account will lend a random number of random tokens with zero interest for Margin on the KuCoin Funding Market. Users who borrow these tokens from the KuCoin official account will enjoy a daily interest rate of 0. The quantity of tokens is limited. The tokens will be lent on a first-come, first-served basis. .Risk Warning: Margin trading refers to the practice of borrowing funds with a relatively lower amount of capital to trade financial assets and obtain bigger profits. However, due to market risks, price fluctuations, and other factors, you are strongly recommended to be prudent about your investment actions, adopt an appropriate leverage level for margin trading, and properly stop your losses in a timely manner. KuCoin assumes no responsibility for any losses arising from the trade. .KuCoin reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this announcement. Thank you for your support!The KuCoin Team.Find The Next Crypto Gem On KuCoin!Sign up with KuCoin now! >>>.Download KuCoin App >>>.Follow us on Twitter >>>.Join us on Telegram >>>.Join KuCoin Global Communities >>>.