Be Active On Twitter And Win Big!

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2022-11-25 16:33

[//]:content-type-MARKDOWN-DONOT-DELETE ![] To celebrate and reward the best followers of our [ Global Twitter page] for their undying loyalty through out this year, we will be giving rewards to active likers and sharers of our posts, weekly. There is also a separate big reward for followers who give the best comments on most of our posts. The criteria for the comment will be as follows: - Comments are on-point with the topic of the post - Comments are replied to engage - Comments are replied to help or answer questions of other users - Comments reporting any kind of scam in the post How to Participate: - Submit your Twitter details via this [Gleam/Form] - Invite more friends to join - Actively like, share, and comment on our every post Rules and Duration: a.) The campaign will occur every week starting on November 28th b.) We will only be recording and picking winners from those who submit their details via Gleam/Form c.) 2 winners of $10 who actively retweet & like our post will be randomly picked weekly d.) 1 winner of $30 who actively provides the best/meaningful comments on our post will be randomly picked weekly e.) KYC1 verified account is required f.) Rewards will be credited directly to the winner's Account So dont miss out!