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Hong Kong arrests over JPEX crypto fraud increase to six people

WikiBit 2023-09-20 02:28

Abstract:Hong Kong officials have cracked down on purported crypto fraud, arresting six people, including two well-known social media influencers linked to the


Hong Kong arrests over JPEX crypto fraud increase to SIX people

16 mins ago

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Hong Kong officials have cracked down on purported crypto fraud, arresting six people, including two well-known social MEDIA influencers linked to the JPEX platFORm.

The arrests come as a PART of an investigation into the Hong Kong-based platform, which has reportedly operated without a valid license and has been at the center of complaints amounting to a staggering 1 billion Hong Kong dollars ($127.8 million).

The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Hong Kongs market regulatory body, noted that the unlicensed operations of JPEX have received over 1,408 complaints, drawing a significant spotlight on the hurdles of establishing a crypto hub in the territory.

The police have been actively investigating the MATTER, responding to a wave of discontent from users who have reportedly lost substantial assets.

In a recent blog post, JPEX attributed its liquidity challenges to what they describe as “unfair treatment” by Hong Kongs institutions and a series of negative reports surrounding their operations.

The platform accused their partnered third-party market makers of maliciously freezing funds, escalating their daily operational costs to an unsustainable level.

This has led to the platform delisting all transactions on its Earn Trading interface and considering transitioning into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to navigate the current crisis.

Despite the adversities, JPEX vowed to continue its operations, expressing “extreme disappointment” over the SFC‘s approach, which, according to them, disrupts market order and threatens to derail Hong Kong’s vision of becoming a web3 powerhouse.

The platform criticized the regulatory body for what they deem unfair practices, potentially setting back the advancement of blockchain technology in the region.

JPEX scandal spurs Hong Kong to bolster crypto rules

As the dust settles on the controversial events surrounding the JPEX crypto exchange platform, Hong Kong authorities are making significant strides to reinforce digital asset regulations.

Hong Kongs Chief Executive, John Lee, announced on Sep. 19 that a comprehensive statement regarding the ongoing scandal would be issued soon, acknowledging the significant ripple effects of this event just three months into the new digital assets regime, which was introduced in June.

This regime has already limited retail investors to narrow trading options, aiming to curb malpractices and ensure investor protection.

The incident involving JPEX adds to a growing list of global regulatory clashes. It challenges the crypto industry as it seeks to rebuild after last years decline, which saw the market shrink by $1.5 trillion.

Notwithstanding claims by industry leaders eyeing Asia as a potential ground for recovery, substantial investment plans in Hong Kong appear to be in short supply.

This unfolding scandal is a stark reminder of the volatility and regulatory scrutiny accompanying the nascent crypto industry, potentially hampering Hong Kongs ambitious goals to establish itself as a vibrant hub for digital asset exchanges and blockchain technology.

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