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Shape Your Own Metaverse With This New Crypto Project – Get Early Access and Join the Revolution

Shape Your Own Metaverse With This New Crypto Project – Get Early Access and Join the Revolution WikiBit 2023-04-10 08:30

RobotEra is a virtual reality platform that blends NFTs with futuristic virtual and augmented reality to let users create surroundings, engage in social interactions, and receive rewards. In its presale, the $TARO coin raised over $1 million.

Shape Your Own Metaverse With This New Crypto Project – Get Early Access and Join the Revolution

Introducing RobotEra, a revolutionary virtual reality platform that enables users to create engaging metaverse experiences.

This metaverse project combines non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with futuristic virtual and augmented reality to enable players to build their environments, interact with others, and earn rewards.

The in-world economy is governed by the $TARO token, which has garnered over $1 million in a short period through its presale.

A New World at Your Fingertips

RobotEra is a new project in the metaverse and web3 gaming space that has piqued the interest of investors and gamers alike.

The story of RobotEra begins with Taro's restoration, which was destroyed during a conflict between the planet's inhabitants and the initial robots they created.

Taro must now be rebuilt, and participants will take on the role of avatars or digital personas.

The first location for the birth of new robots is Central City. All guests who enter Taro's realm for the first time will be born here because it is open to everyone.

Other locations are the seven continents, encompassing the public and player continents.

The RobotEra metaverse offers its users unlimited options. Players can rule their territory, create robot companions, and take part in the creation of new worlds by becoming robots.

Aside from this, they can own land, build worlds, and profit from the secondary economy in this Sandbox-style building game.

The project aims to give users access to a robust multidimensional metaverse platform that blends entertainment, interaction, management, and creation.

RobotEra's developers are creating a vibrant game and a second universe that benefits from cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Everyone, regardless of age, gender, occupation, or socioeconomic class, can participate, construct their universe, and establish their assets in the RobotEra environment.

Players can also earn a significant income from this virtual world, possibly even as their family's primary source of income.

Have Fun and Earn

The RobotEra developers intend to create a metaverse game that will allow players to have an immersive experience and earn returns while playing.

On Taro, players can engage in fun gameplay such as mining, exploration, creation, and battle, as well as earn money in various ways, such as selling NFTs, running advertisements, growing sacred trees, staking tokens, and so on.

Through the market, players will primarily exchange continents, robot companions, and other NFT commodities.

Another important aspect of RobotEra's appeal is its decentralized governance.

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) of the game ensures that all players can propose or decide on their faction's implementation strategy, as well as how tokens in their treasury are used.

The DAO structure allows players to participate in governance and collectively decide on the planet's fate, promoting a sense of community and ownership within the Web3 gaming experience.

Enter a New World With $TARO

$TARO, an Ethereum blockchain-based utility coin, is the currency for all interactions and transactions in the RobotEra ecosystem.

As of press time, $TARO is trading at $0.020 USDT, with over $1 million already raised from investors.

However, $TARO is expected to rise to $0.025 in the second stage of the presale and $0.032 in the third stage. As a result, investors who purchase the token in Stage 1 will make a 60% profit.

RobotEra has sold over 54,991,128 out of the 60,750,000 tokens allotted for the first stage.

Value-driven investors ready to lock into the future growth of the metaverse can purchase the $TARO token using USDT or ETH.


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