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Wiki Finance Expo Dubai 2022: An Expo that gathers the best forex resources today.

WikiBit 2022-09-23 14:56

Abstract:The Wiki Finance Expo Dubai 2022 will take place in Dubai on September 25-26, 2022. It is a great opportunity to interact with the forex experts and receive messages about the latest forex market. If you miss it, you have to wait at least one more year.

About WikiBit

WikiBit is a block chain enterprise information query tool distributed worldwide. It mainly provides basic information inquiry, regulatory license inquiry, credit evaluation for the listed blockchain projects, platform identification and other services.

Based on public data released by the government, combined with advanced sniffing systems and scientific computer algorithms, WikiBit offers a prime big data solution that integrates data collection, screening, aggregation, modeling, and productization. It also provides both quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the supervision level and risk level of the listed projects from multiple dimensions for traders, institutions and government departments. For more information, please visit our website. (


The Middle East has maintained rapid economic growth, and it has become one of the richest and fastest-growing regions in the world. As one of the world's leading and fastest-growing commercial financial centers, Dubai has high-quality software and hardware facilities, and an excellent regulatory legal system, which attracts the attention of many retail foreign exchange brokers around the world. According to some reports, Middle East stock markets raised $14.5 billion in 2021. In 2020, Dubai announced plans to launch a 2 billion dirham ($544.57 million) market-maker fund and initial public offerings of 10 state-backed companies as part of plans to boost activity on the local bourse. In addition, time zones in the Middle East allow traders to catch the best market opening times in the world. Therefore, there are a lot of potential opportunities in the forex market of the Middle East.

WikiBit in the Middle East

Throughout 4 years, WikiBit has successfully organized over 70 online/offline/hybrid events, including exhibitions, seminars, symposiums, ceremonies, etc, for financial institutes. In Dubai, WikiFX and WikiBit now has a total of five staff who are responsible for the marketing issues of the Middle East region. WikiFX Arab and WikiBit have a mature fan community on Facebook. We now have a total of 12,000 followers who mainly come from the UAE and surrounding rich countries. WikiFX and WikiBit also has a long-term and stable partnership with nearly 20 Arab-speaking forex groups and digital currency communities, the membership we have gathered has reached up to 1.2 million, and those members mainly lived in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries. Over the past few years, WikiFX and WikiBit has cooperated with five Arab-speaking forex and digital currency media, which help us cover more than 900,000 Arabic users.

About Wiki Finance Expo Dubai 2022

The Wiki Finance Expo Dubai 2022 has taken place in Dubai on Sep 25-26. 2022. The location is Festival Arena by InterContinental, Dubai.

As a brand of the offline exhibition in the international financial industry founded in 2019 under the WikiGlobal group. WikiEXPO is a professional knowledge sharing and business exchange platform for project owners, investors, and practitioners, providing more than 1,000 cooperation opportunities for more than 10,000 investors and hundreds of project owners every year. It has been in a leading position in the financial industry for a long time.

On the one hand, WikiEXPO gives full play to the information resource advantages of the financial information media platform. WikiEXPO guarantees that all exhibitors are trustworthy. The EXPO can provide investors with good opportunities by establishing a safe investment environment. On the other hand, each exhibition will invite top-tier brokers representatives to provide investors with opportunities to share knowledge of financial industry trading skills. We want to create a worldwide, reliable, and high-quality offline exhibition brand in the financial industry.

Backed by the full support of WikiFX & WikiBit, Wiki Finance Expo will market the event via both online and offline channels, and also provide live streaming technology to broadcast the event via various social media (facebook), apps and websites, reaching about 1,000k+ industry workers and potential audiences worldwide.

It is the first time that WikiFinance EXPO was held in the Middle East. Lots of wonderful events would be arranged during the EXPO, including seminars by top-tier trainers, round-table discussions, award presentation ceremonies, and variety shows. It would be the most awaited event for both global and regional FX players to join, share and communicate there. WikiFX currently has about 200 downloads per day in these Arab-speaking countries, and about 650 DAU(daily active users)every day. We are expecting that the number of daily active users can be reached around 1,000-1,200 during and after the Dubai EXPO. You should not miss it!

Schedule of the Expo

There will be a lot of exciting activities during the Expo. For details, please see the tables below.

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