[Withdrawal/Deposit] Mainnet upgrade: Suspension of withdrawal/deposit for MED


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2021-08-10 17:03

Dear Upbit users, Withdrawal/deposit for MED will be temporarily suspended due to its Mainnet upgrade. Please refer to the detail below. [MED Mainnet upgrade] - MED Mainnet upgrade timeline: approx 2021-08-11 10:00 PM (SGT) - [Read about MED Mainnet upgrade](https://github.com/medibloc/panacea-mainnet/blob/master/panacea-3/upgrade.md) [Withdrawal/deposit suspension timeline] - 2021-08-11 11:00 AM ~ Will be announced after the Mainnet upgrade completion When depositing MED after withdrawal/deposit suspension, deposit may not be reflected at Upbit account. In such case, recovery may take a long time. Please keep in mind that you should never deposit after withdrawal/deposit has been suspended. [Resumption of withdrawal/deposit] - We will guide you through this announcement after the Mainnet upgrade completion. Any unexpected events regarding the resumption of Withdrawal/Deposit service will be notified through this announcement. [Frequently asked question] - Withdrawal/deposit is suspended, however, the trade of MED will be unaffected. - To safeguard the customers assets, Upbit will closely coordinate with MED team and make announcements in an event of changes in schedule, etc. Thank you. Find us on: - Twitter: [https://twitter.com/upbitglobal](https://twitter.com/upbitglobal) - Instagram: [https://www.instagram.com/upbit.exchange](https://www.instagram.com/upbit.exchange/)