Making the Whole World Your Office At Kraken


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2021-08-19 21:01

As the world came to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home became the new normal for most. But at Kraken, work from home has always been the normal and our global team didn’t skip a beat. As a remote first company since our founding in 2011, Kraken established our organizational frameworks and technical capabilities to support and enable a company made up of the very best thinkers and doers, regardless of what port they call home. Crypto never sleeps and Kraken’s global presence requires our team to be building, innovating and serving our clients 24/7/365, whether that be from a skyscraper in New York City or a beach bungalow in Bali. At Kraken, we have homebodies, adventurers and everything in between. Read on to learn how four Krakenites are taking full advantage of our work-remote culture.  T’s office allows for a cool dip in between tickets. Meet T., a Chat Supervisor on the Client Engagement Team and former member of the aerospace industry. He moved to Mexico shortly after joining Kraken, then took advantage of the Remotely from Georgia visa program.  “I have always loved to travel and Kraken is the perfect job for me to do that on my own schedule. Being part of a 24/7, global team allows me to do my work at times that work best for me – not to mention that I find my job extremely rewarding. I have more flexibility to visit family and friends and work obligations don’t prevent me from living my best life outside of work. I have the freedom to ‘pick up and go’ at any time if I find something that interests me.” A’s open office floor plan is the envy of Kraken. Meet A., on the Corporate Client Engagement team, who used to work at a bank in Belgium before transitioning to roles with non-profit organizations around the world. As part of the Kraken team, she has so far lived in South Asia, Europe and Japan.  “Now that I don’t have to commute, wherever I am I’m able to start my day doing yoga, meditating and eating local fresh fruits before work. My schedule is flexible, so I can do activities after work, too. I gravitate to countries with good waves and surf about three- to five-times a week. I have had the opportunity to visit remote places like Komodo Island, Vietnam, Myanmar and more while working with Kraken. I love warm weather and beaches, but can also take a snowboarding holiday. Kraken allows me to move and live the life I want while taking on meaningful challenges in a growing industry.”  A’s office provides a nice escape from the daily grind Meet A., on the Account Access team, who previously worked as a hardware engineer and has discovered that remote working life has made her life leaps and bounds more productive. “A job isn’t a place anymore, it’s an activity. As part of the Kraken team, I now take fewer vacation days because I feel I’m on vacation most of the time, exploring places at a more relaxed pace. I wake up somewhere exotic, eat unusual foods and get to tour exciting destinations. It’s something I can do for months at a time.  I have full-on autonomy and I get to work during my most productive hours. I’ve never been around so many smart, humble and supportive colleagues. This has allowed me to grow professionally at a much faster pace and achieve things I don’t think I’d be able to elsewhere.”   There is something to be said about the refreshing air where G. works. Meet G., on the Corporate Client Engagement team, who previously worked in project management and marine conservation while residing in Singapore.  “I escaped needing to have a traditional job and made a permanent move to Indonesia because of all the world-class diving it has to offer. Remote work allows me to visit even (pardon the pun) the most remote places. When you have calls with a teammate in your time zone and another scheduled for 12 hours later in the day, it definitely helps when you can sneak a dive or two in between! I don’t think I could ever go back to a traditional work set-up!” At Kraken we recognized long ago that working from home was a critical component of empowering our people with the flexibility to live and work in a way that suits them best, while still adhering to our professional standards, company policies and local government travel guidelines.   Crypto is a global, 24/7/365 phenomenon and Kraken is building our company to keep pace with the speed and ethos of this revolutionary technology.  We’re hiring, remotely. Join us – wherever you are. Share this: - Twitter - Facebook - Like this:Like Loading...