2024-04-03 01:27国旗印度詐騙網站:了解更多關於他們的詐騙行為..我最近遇到了交易平台CapitalExPro.io和,我必須說,我對我的經驗感到非常失望和沮喪。這兩個網站都沒有受到監管,也沒有顯示任何註冊號碼,這立即引起了警惕。經過一些研究,我發現這些平台已被標記為詐騙,並被指控欺騙和詐騙客戶。這些平台最大的問題之一是它們在後台更改交易利率,而交易者並不知情或同意。這意味著交易者獲得的利潤並不準確,而該平台本質上是從客戶那裡偷取利潤。這是對信任的明顯違反,完全是不可接受的。此外,我還注意到這些平台創造假交易來顯示虧損,然後聲稱是他們的AI技術生成了這些交易。 & : Fraud Websites : See more about their frauds..I recently came across the trading platforms and and I have to say, I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with my experience. Both these websites are unregulated and do not display any registration numbers, which immediately raises a red flag. After some research, I found out that these platforms have been flagged as fraudulent and have been accused of cheating and scamming their clients.One of the biggest issues with these platforms is that they change trade rates from the backend, without the knowledge or consent of the traders. This means that the profits that traders make are not accurate and the platform is essentially stealing from their clients. This is a clear violation of trust and is completely unacceptable.Moreover, I have also noticed that the platforms create fake trades to show losses and then claim that their AI technology generated these trades.