KuCoin Christmas Campaign


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2023-12-01 14:23

Dear KuCoin Users,We are currently offering a special Christmas campaign for users who are approaching our VIP tiers with outstanding trading/depositing performance. Your support continuously values KuCoin and therefore we offer some early-bird benefits in order to facilitate your VIP journey. We expect you to unlock more prizes when completing the VIP enrollment. Campaign Period: From 00:00:00 on December 1, 2023 to 23:59:59 on December 30, 2023 .?Activity 1: Free VIP3 Voucher for 30 days!During the campaign period, users can immediately enjoy a VIP 3 upgrade with direct deductions on fees and improvements on rates limit . SpotFutures0.10%/0.10%0.05%/0.08%0.02%/0.06%0.01%/0.05%?Activity 2: Compete for the Top 10 and Get Your VIP4 Voucher.During the campaign period, users whose initial VIP level is upgraded to VIP2 and have competed to be one of the top 10 in the campaign dashboard will be awarded an extra VIP4 coupon and enjoy up to a 70% discount for the next 30 days!You must to click the above button to register on the dashboard! .?Activity 3: KuCoin Gift Box Lucky Draw for Coffee Machine or Texas Hold'em!During the campaign period, users who have accumulated a trading volume of more than 8 million USDT on KuCoin will be eligible to participate in the super lucky draw to get a chance to receive a KuCoin gift box in either Coffee Machine or Texas Hold'em.You must to click the above button to register on the luckydraw! .One trade, triple the bonus! Happy trading!Merry Christmas.The KuCoin VIP Team.