BitForex Supports the Virtua(TVK) Rebranding to Vanar(VANRY)


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2023-12-01 14:00

Dear BitForex users, . BitForex will support the Virtua rebranding to Vanar with the following arrangement: . 1. Deposits and withdrawals services of TVK will be suspended on 2023-12-01 at 14:30 . 2. TVK/BTC spot trading will be hidden and all pending orders will be canceled on 2023-12-01 at 14:30 . 3. TVK tokens will assume the ticker of VANRY on BitForex after rebranding . 4. The opening time of deposits, withdrawals, and trading for VANRY tokens will be announced separately. Official Announcement from the project team: click here . Thank you for your support! . BitForex Team2023/12/01.