The Announcement Regarding Hotbit supports CRUPV Swap to CRU


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2021-04-30 12:01

Dear respected users,       Hotbit will swap and replace CRUPV with CRU at a ratio of 1:1 (1 CRUPV: 1 CRU).        The arrangements are as follows: 1. Hotbit has closed CRUPV/USDT trading pair at 10:00 AM March 16th 2021 UTC, and will delist CRUPV/USDT trading pair at 02:00 AM March 17th 2021 UTC.       Note: please cancel all CRUPV/USDT orders before 02:00 AM March 17th 2021 UTC, meanwhile the system will automatically cancel all CRUPV/USDT orders that haven't been filled at 02:00 AM March 17th 2021 UTC 2.  3. Hotbit will complete a snapshot of all user's CRUPV assets before 10:00 AM on March 18th 2021 UTC, meanwhile, we will complete the asset conversion for all users who hold CRUPV based on the snapshot with the ratio of 1 CRUPV: 1 CRU       Note:  Hotbit will redeem the assets CRUPV in investment accounts first and then swap the CRUPV to CRU.         From now on, there will only be PHX in Hotbit, please check the token information carefully before you transfer it.   Hotbit team March 16th, 2021 UTC