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ROOT Trading Competition Round 2: $50,000 in ROOT To Give Away!


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2023-12-08 17:20

Dear KuCoin users,In order to thank everyone for your support for ROOT's listing and the first round of activities, we will join forces with ROOT project to launch the second round of trading competition activities. This time, up to $50,000 in ROOT will be awarded to qualified KuCoin users!Campaign Period: From 10:00 on December 8, 2023 to 10:00 on December 15, 2023 .Activity 1: Be on the Top 200, Trade To Win a Share of $35,000 in ROOT! During the activity period, the top 200 users with the highest ROOT Spot trading amount on KuCoin will be qualified to share a ROOT prize pool worth $35,000! Ranking Prize Pool 1 $5,000 in ROOT 2 $3,000 in ROOT 3 $1,500 in ROOT 4-10 $500 in ROOT each 11-50 $300 in ROOT each 51-100 $100 in ROOT each 101-200 $50 in ROOT each Activity 2: Participation Rewards, Trade To Win a Share of $15,000 in ROOT! Users who have a Spot trading volume of at least $100 in ROOT on KuCoin will equally share a ROOT prize pool worth $15,000 . Notes:1. Only users who completed the registration are considered eligible to participate in the event;.2. Rewards will be distributed within 15 working days after the activity ends;.3. The quantity of rewards will be calculated according to the average ROOT/USDT daily closing prices during the activity period. 4. All participants must strictly adhere to KuCoin's terms and conditions and comply with local laws and regulations; If any cheating, use of multiple accounts to obtain rewards or other violations are discovered, KuCoin reserves the right to cancel the user's participation and confiscate the rewards;.5. If users have doubts about the result of the activities, please note the official appeal period for the result of activities is 2 months after the end of the campaign. We will not accept any kind of appeal after this period;.6. Where any discrepancy arises between the translated and original English versions, the English version shall prevail;.7. KuCoin reserves the right to change, revise, or cancel the campaign terms or the entire campaign at its sole discretion without prior notice;.8. KuCoin retains the final interpretation of this campaign;.9. This activity is not related to Apple Inc.