Gate.io Will Upgrade Borrowing Features for Isolated Margin Trading


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2023-03-30 19:55

[//]:content-type-MARKDOWN-DONOT-DELETE To provide improved user experience and optimize the borrowing features for isolated margin trading, Gate.io will upgrade the borrowing service for all isolated margin traders who have not upgraded yet from 06:00 -10:00 on April 12, 2023 . After this upgrade, the new borrowing services will be available to all isolated margin users automatically. You can also upgrade beforehand to start to use the new features early. After this upgrade, the new lending/borrowing features will be available to API, APP and web. Major Changes Dynamic Hourly Interest Unified reference interest rate After the upgrade, the funds borrowed for isolated margin trading will come from Lend & Earn, which matches the idle funds with borrowing needs in the market. The interest is determined by APR/hourly lending rate updated every hour on the hour. For API, APP and Web API: for borrowing: all /margin related endpoints will be deprecated. Use /margin/uni related endpoints instead. For lending: use /earn/uni related endpoints APP: It is recommended to upgrade to the latest version to have a better borrowing experience. Web: After the upgrade, you can borrow via the borrowing window on the trading page. Interest calculation and deduction after upgrade: 1) The minimum interest calculation term is 1 hour instead of the previous 4- hour. 2)The borrowing rate is updated every hour based on supply and demand. 3)The interest generated, if any, is deducted at the very start of next hour. 4)The borrowing term can be deemed as indefinite as you don't have to specify a term any longer. You can repay early without any penalty. Learn more: https://www.gate.io/help/trade/margin_trading/16621 Gateway to Crypto Trade over 1,400 cryptocurrencies safely, quickly and easily on Gate.io [Sign up] to enter the crypto gateway and get 40% commission from [referrals] [Download iOS/Android App] right now. Reach out to us! Twitter: https://twitter.com/gate_io GateVIP Twitter: https://twitter.com/GateioVIP Telegram: https://t.me/gate_io API Telegram: https://t.me/gateioapi Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gateioglobal Medium: https://gateio.medium.com/ Podcast: https://gateio.buzzsprout.com/?ch=buzzs Gate.io Team March 30, 2023