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ZB APP Has Been Upgraded to Pro APP APP

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2022-04-20 15:33

  Dear users,

  In order to provide better trading experience and services, has optimized and upgraded its ZB APP to ZB Pro.

  ZB Pro is newly launched with a new UI design and layout, providing more business functions and more abundant products. It is recommended that you uninstall the old version of ZBB APP and then re-install the new ZB Pro APP.

  You can download ZB Pro APP in the following ways:

  I. Android Mobile Phone/Devices

  (1) You can directly install and download through Google Play.

  (2) Directly copy the link to the mobile browser, click [Local Download] to download and install.

  II. iOS Mobile Phone/Devices

  1. App Store

  Open "App Store".

  Input "ZB Pro" in the search box and search.

  Click on the "GET" button of the ZB Pro app.

  2. Download via TestFlight

  Please download and install TestFlight.

  After the download is complete, click TestFlight in the download link again.

  ZB Pro App pops up on the page, click "Accept", and "Install".

  We very concerned about your experience in ZB. If you encounter problems in the process of using ZB Pro app, please fill in the form by clicking "Report Problems on Using ZB Pro APP" to feedback to us. You are appreciated to provide us with your valuable suggestions. We will continue to improve our services and products to provide you with a better use experience.

  Thank you for your support!

  ZB Global Team


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