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KuCoin Pool Goes Live! Connect to KuCoin Pool to Claim Bonus!


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2021-08-25 16:01

Dear KuCoin Users,  We are glad to announce the release of KuCoin Pool, a brand-new product rolled out by KuCoin.  KuCoin Pool is committed to serving miners around the world, offering PoW and pool connection to bring stable and consistent earnings to miners. Currently, KuCoin Pool supports the connection of BTC and BCH hashrates. To express our gratitude for your support of KuCoin, all users connecting to KuCoin Pool can enjoy time-limited kickback on mining fees!   【Connect to KuCoin Pool to Enjoy Millions Worth of Kickback on Mining Fees】 Activity Time: 16:00 on August 25, 2021 – 15:59 on November 24, 2021 (UTC)  Connect BTC and BCH hashrates on KuCoin Pool to enjoy up to 70% off mining fees and VIP privilege. During the activity, users who connect BTC and BCH hashrates on KuCoin Pool can enjoy different discounts on mining fees according to the hashrate size. The details are as follows:  Connect Hashrate Discount on Mining Fees 1P<Hashrate≤30P 50% off 30P<Hashrate≤50P 60% off + VIP privilege Hashrate>50P 70% off + VIP privilege 【Embrace Carbon Neutrality and Enjoy the Privilege of Green Mining】 To realize sustainable development, KuCoin Pool encourages miners to use clean energy. Miners who use clean energy can submit relevant information or credentials to pass the green verification for the privilege of a 50% discount on mining fees. If the miner qualifies for more than one discount bonus, the highest fee discount will prevail.  Notice:  Above mining fees are calculated based on the daily average hashrate of each natural month.   For example: From August 25 to 30, if Jack's daily average hashrate exceeds 50P, he can enjoy 70% off on mining fees and VIP privilege. Suppose Jack's mining fees in August are $1,000, then he will receive $700 worth of discount on mining fees, which will be credited to his Main Account in September.  Kickback on Mining Fees = Income Fee rate 2% Discount ratio  How to Connect to KuCoin Pool: VIP Privilege: For any questions or suggestions, please contact us via:  - KuCoin Pool Telegram: - For VIPs, please contact the account manager via Telegram: @kucoin_pool  Rules:  1. Only for users who passed the Advanced Identity Verification on KuCoin.  2. After the time-limited discount expires, mining fees will be charged at the normal rate.  3. For any malicious behaviors found during the activity, the violator will be deprived of the qualification for participation.  4. KuCoin Pool reserves all rights to the final explanation of the activity.  Thank you for your support!  KuCoin Pool Team