Bitfinex to Delist Three Tokens


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2023-11-17 00:20

In line with our commitment to deliver the best trading experience, we will delist the following tokens: Aragon , eCash and Retreeb . This decision has been made as a result of our continued monitoring of all listed projects and a review of their listing qualifications. Deposits and trading for ANT, XEC and TREEB will end on 23/11/2023 at 1:30 PM UTC. We would like to remind our customers to cancel any open orders with the above tokens before 23/11/2023. All remaining open orders will be cancelled by the system. Withdrawals for Aragon , eCash and Retreeb will remain open until 1:30 PM UTC on 18/01/2024. We recommend our customers withdraw these tokens as soon as possible. Please note that in the case of ANT, our delisting follows the announcement made by the Aragon Association that it is decommissioning the ANT token. If Bitfinex customers wish to redeem their ANT held on Bitfinex, they should first withdraw their tokens from Bitfinex to an external wallet. Customers are advised not to redeem ANT directly from their Bitfinex wallet as funds may be lost. Should you fail to withdraw your assets before the date and time specified and wish to withdraw them thereafter, your case will be subject to Bitfinex's Delisted Token Recovery Policy. A recovery fee may be applied, and token recovery can be attempted only up to two months following the closure of the withdrawal.