Axie Infinity Approaching 3 Million Daily Active Users

Axie Infinity Approaching 3 Million Daily Active Users WikiBit 2021-12-13 10:58

Vietnam-based gaming firm Sky Mavis reveals that Axie Infinity, its play-to-earn non fungible token (NFT) game, will soon reach a total of three million daily active users; while, the growth of its Ronin’s number of daily transaction volume quadrupled.

  Vietnam-based gaming firm Sky Mavis reveals that Axie Infinity, its play-to-earn non fungible token (NFT) game, will soon reach a total of three million daily active users; while, the growth of its Ronins number of daily transaction volume quadrupled.

  “In the past year, Axie Infinity has evolved from a gaming concept into a rapidly growing ecosystem and a movement which hosts fun experiences for all backgrounds and interests. You collectively make Axie Infinity what it is, and together we will continue to grow our community in ways that will shock the world. We are becoming a true digital nation, and we are deeply committed to finding ways to empower you and create true collective ownership of what we create together,” the developers wrote reflecting its 2021 growth.

  According to the graph provided, since May of this year the number of Axie holders and daily active users (DAU) of Axie Infinity have continuously soared in an upward trajectory. The last month alone brought 500,000 more Axie holders into the game from all over the word.

  Actually, last month, Axie Infinity launched a breeding event where whoever breeds the ten millionth Axie will win a Tanuki Mystic land item which increases base stats of axies with “Japanese body parts” by 10% and increases Chimera item drop rate by 5%. The Axie Infinity community welcomed the 10 millionth Axie bred by Ric.Fish, last monday.

  However, despite the rapid growth, the game banned 24,000 axies across 10,000 Ronin accounts last month.. The ban wave was due to violations of their terms of services as well as to maintain balance and fairness within the community.

  On the other hand, the newly released Ronin Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Katana is delivering further growth to the Axie Infinity ecosystem. During its first month of operation Katana has racked up 409,000 unique users and over 1.2 B in deposited liquidity.

  Moreover, Axie Infinity also launched the Ronin Mobile wallet which allowed further access to the games ecosystem.

  “This player growth, combined with the release of our decentralized exchange has spurred tremendous usage of our Ronin blockchain. Today, Ronins transaction volume has grown to roughly 4x the number of daily transactions of the Ethereum chain, and that growth has pushed us all to prepare for significant scale in 2022!” Sky Mavis wrote.

  The Ronin transactions compared to Ethereum have grown exponentially from 100% in ratio last September with over 2 million log to its current 400% year end ratio.

  “The world is becoming more and more aware of our community, and we‘re doing what we can to help those interested in the play-and-earn concept feel welcome to Lunacia. You might have noticed that we’ve been invited to share information about our community within the press, and various conferences recently… which of course will only further fuel our growth,” the developers added.

  In regards to giving back to the community, Axie Infinity hosted its first official tournament called the Creator Cup, last week December 4th. The event was live from the Philippines where eight Filipino content creators battled in the arena for 200 AXS in prizes.

  “Special shoutout to those that participated in our first Creator Cup in the Phillipines! We had over 40,000 viewers tune in from all around the world! Congrats Hezelya for taking home the win!” Sky Mavis added.

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  Source: BitPinas


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