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2023-02-03 22:36

[//]:content-type-MARKDOWN-DONOT-DELETE The start of Gate Learn's new content incentive program - **Creator's arena** - is here ! We're open to all creators, and all types of content. Please fill in the application form and attach your original content. If the content you provide is selected to list on Gate Learn after review, you'll have a chance to win a maximum of 150 USDT. Additionally, all creators who submit content before Feb. 28, will have a chance to win "Points". 10 contributors will be randomly selected. If your content is published on Gate Learn, you will receive 50 ~ 150 USDT as a reward. ? [Gate Learn Creator's Arena: Submit crypto content now |] **? Who can join the creator's arena** We welcome everyone to join us and become one of our creators! Especially, if you... 1.Love to write and share your knowledge 2.Are enthusiastic about crypto 3.Are an Influencer, KOL, or active on social media **? How to apply** 1.Select a topic and start to create 2.Please submit your content to [this application form] before Feb. 28 3.If the content is published on Gate Learn after passing the review, you'll have a chance to get 50 ~ 150 USDT rewards ? [Gate Learn Creator's Arena: Submit crypto content now |] **The benefits of becoming a creator on Gate Learn ** --For each submitted content, you can earn 50 ~ 150 USDT. --You become a columnist on Gate Learn --The best content will be displayed on the official site and expose you to a broader audience. *Participants who do not pass the evaluation will receive no further notice. [![]] ? [Gate Learn Creator's Arena: Submit crypto content now |] **⚠️Terms and Conditions** currently accepts content in English and Chinese. 2.There's no limit to the amount of content you can provide. The reward you can earn is totally based on how much of your content is selected. 3.For security reasons, please upload content to online docs . We wont accept other formats or download files. 4.The final winners will be selected by based on content completion, social media influence, and creative form. 5.The winner will be notified by the official team in the following month. The reward will be distributed around 20th next month; please stay alert for the announcement. --The date of reward distribution may change . Please keep an eye on the latest announcements. --Please note that Gate official team will never charge fees or ask you use third-party wallet. 6.All content which passes review and publish on Gate Learn will attach autor's name, so please fill your name and brief info in [the application form]. 7.All content submitted must be original; If plagiarism is found, participants will be disqualified. 8.By submitting content to, you give the editorial, reproduction, and publication rights. The selected content may be fine-tuned, remastered, and published on the official platform. * has all rights reserved. **Apply Now: ** Gateway to Crypto Trade over 1,400 cryptocurrencies safely, quickly and easily on [Sign up] to enter the crypto gateway and get 40% commission from [referrals] [Download iOS/Android App] right now. Reach out to us! Twitter: GateVIP Twitter: Telegram: API Telegram: Instagram: Medium: Podcast: Team February 3rd, 2023