OKX to adjust indexes on USDC margin, perpetual swaps, and futures


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2023-03-24 19:45

Dear OKX users, In order to further improve market liquidity and index stability of all business lines including USDC margin, perpetual and futures, and to prevent market risks, OKX will adjust the indexes of USDC derivatives market from USD-priced indexes to USDC-priced indexes during the period from 8:30 am to 8:40 am UTC on April 6, 2023. Adjustment details are as follows: Adjustments on futures and perpetual swaps. Instrument Before After Index Quote unit Settlement currency Index Quote unit Settlement currency BTCUSDC futures, BTCUSDC perpetual BTC/USD Quote at the USD price of 1 BTC USDC BTC/USDC Quote at the USDC price of 1 BTC USDC ETHUSDC futures, ETHUSDC perpetual ETH/USD Quote at the USD price of 1 ETH USDC ETH/USDC Quote at the USDC price of 1 ETH USDC . Adjustments on margin crypto pairs. Crypto pairs Before After Index Index BTC/USDC margin BTC/USD BTC/USDC ETH/USDC margin ETH/USD ETH/USDC LTC/USDC margin LTC/USD LTC/USDC DOT/USDC margin DOT/USD DOT/USDC DOGE/USDC margin DOGE/USD DOGE/USDC ETC/USDC margin ETC/USD ETC/USDC BCH/USDC margin BCH/USD BCH/USDC ADA/USDC margin ADA/USD ADA/USDC LINK/USDC margin LINK/USD LINK/USDC XRP/USDC margin XRP/USD XRP/USDC ATOM/USDC margin ATOM/USD ATOM/USDC ALGO/USDC margin ALGO/USD ALGO/USDC XMR/USDC margin XMR/USD XMR/USDC SNX/USDC margin SNX/USD SNX/USDC SUSHI/USDC margin SUSHI/USD SUSHI/USDC UNI/USDC margin UNI/USD UNI/USDC AVAX/USDC margin AVAX/USD AVAX/USDC AAVE/USDC margin AAVE/USD AAVE/USDC NEAR/USDC margin NEAR/USD NEAR/USDC SOL/USDC margin SOL/USD SOL/USDC CHZ/USDC margin CHZ/USD CHZ/USDC MATIC/USDC margin MATIC/USD MATIC/USDC SAND/USDC margin SAND/USD SAND/USDC APE/USDC margin APE/USD APE/USDC LUNA/USDC margin LUNA/USD LUNA/USDC OP/USDC margin OP/USD OP/USDC CEL/USDC margin CEL/USD CEL/USDC LUNC/USDC margin LUNC/USD LUNC/USDC ETHW/USDC margin ETHW/USD ETHW/USDC APT/USDC margin APT/USD APT/USDC . Breakdown of index components Index Exchange Pair Weight BTC/USDC Binance BTC/USDC 16.66% Kucoin BTC/USDC 16.66% Bybit BTC/USDC 16.66% OKX BTC/USDC 16.66% Gate BTC/USDT 16.66% Kraken BTC/USDC 16.66% ETH/USDC OKX ETH/USDC 16.66% Bybit ETH/USDC 16.66% Kraken ETH/USDC 16.66% Binance ETH/USDC 16.66% Coinbase ETH/USD 16.66% Kucoin ETH/USDC 16.66% LTC/USDC Gate LTC/USDT 20% Binance LTC/USDT 20% OKX LTC/USDC 20% Coinbase LTC/USD 20% Kucoin LTC/USDT 20% DOT/USDC OKX DOT/USDC 20% Bybit DOT/USDT 20% Binance DOT/USDT 20% Coinbase DOT/USD 20% Gate DOT/USDT 20% DOGE/USDC OKX DOGE/USDC 20% Binance DOGE/USDT 20% Bybit DOGE/USDT 20% Coinbase DOGE/USD 20% Kucoin DOGE/USDT 20% ETC/USDC Binance ETC/USDT 20% Kucoin ETC/USDT 20% OKX ETC/USDC 20% Coinbase ETC/USD 20% Gate ETC/USDT 20% BCH/USDC Coinbase BCH/USD 20% Huobi BCH/USDT 20% OKX BCH/USDC 20% Binance BCH/USDT 20% Mxc BCH/USDC 20% ADA/USDC OKX ADA/USDC 20% Kucoin ADA/USDT 20% Binance ADA/USDT 20% Coinbase ADA/USD 20% Kraken ADA/USD 20% LINK/USDC OKX LINK/USDC 20% Huobi LINK/USDT 20% Binance LINK/USDT 20% Coinbase LINK/USD 20% Kraken LINK/USD 20% XRP/USDC Binance XRP/USDT 20% Bybit XRP/USDC 20% OKX XRP/USDC 20% Kucoin XRP/USDC 20% Bitstamp XRP/USD 20% ATOM/USDC OKX ATOM/USDC 20% Bybit ATOM/USDT 20% Binance ATOM/USDT 20% Coinbase ATOM/USD 20% Kucoin ATOM/USDT 20% ALGO/USDC OKX ALGO/USDC 20% Bybit ALGO/USDT 20% Binance ALGO/USDT 20% Coinbase ALGO/USD 20% Kucoin ALGO/USDT 20% XMR/USDC OKX XMR/USDC 25% Binance XMR/USDT 25% Kucoin XMR/USDT 25% Kraken XMR/USD 25% SNX/USDC OKX SNX/USDC 25% Binance SNX/USDT 25% Coinbase SNX/USD 25% Kucoin SNX/USDT 25% SUSHI/USDC OKX SUSHI/USDC 20% Binance SUSHI/USDT 20% Huobi SUSHI/USDT 20% Coinbase SUSHI/USD 20% Kucoin SUSHI/USDT 20% UNI/USDC OKX UNI/USDC 20% Binance UNI/USDT 20% Bybit UNI/USDT 20% Coinbase UNI/USD 20% Mxc UNI/USDT 20% AVAX/USDC OKX AVAX/USDC 20% Binance AVAX/USDT 20% Bybit AVAX/USDT 20% Coinbase AVAX/USD 20% Kucoin AVAX/USDT 20% AAVE/USDC OKX AAVE/USDC 25% Binance AAVE/USDT 25% Bybit AAVE/USDT 25% Coinbase AAVE/USD 25% NEAR/USDC OKX NEAR/USDC 25% Binance NEAR/USDT 25% Huobi NEAR/USDT 25% Kucoin NEAR/USDT 25% SOL/USDC OKX SOL/USDC 20% Binance SOL/USDT 20% Kucoin SOL/USDC 20% Coinbase SOL/USD 20% Bybit SOL/USDC 20% CHZ/USDC OKX CHZ/USDC 20% Bybit CHZ/USDT 20% Binance CHZ/USDT 20% Coinbase CHZ/USD 20% Gate CHZ/USDT 20% MATIC/USDC OKX MATIC/USDC 16.66% Binance MATIC/USDT 16.66% Kraken MATIC/USD 16.66% Coinbase MATIC/USD 16.66% Bybit MATIC/USDT 16.66% Kucoin MATIC/USDC 16.66% SAND/USDC OKX SAND/USDC 16.66% Binance SAND/USDT 16.66% Gate SAND/USDT 16.66% Kucoin SAND/USDT 16.66% Bybit SAND/USDT 16.66% Coinbase SAND/USD 16.66% APE/USDC OKX APE/USDC 20% Gate APE/USDT 20% Binance APE/USDT 20% Coinbase APE/USD 20% Kucoin APE/USDT 20% LUNA/USDC OKX LUNA/USDC 25% Gate LUNA/USDT 25% Kucoin LUNA/USDT 25% Binance LUNA/USDT 25% OP/USDC OKX OP/USDC 16.66% Kucoin OP/USDT 16.66% Gate OP/USDT 16.66% Binance OP/USDT 16.66% Coinbase OP/USD 16.66% Bybit OP/USDT 16.66% CEL/USDC OKX CEL/USDC 25% Huobi CEL/USDT 25% Mxc CEL/USDT 25% Bybit CEL/USDT 25% LUNC/USDC OKX LUNC/USDC 16.66% Bybit LUNC/USDT 16.66% Kucoin LUNC/USDT 16.66% Gate LUNC/USDT 16.66% Binance LUNC/USDT 16.66% Kraken LUNC/USD 16.66% ETHW/USDC OKX ETHW/USDC 20% Huobi ETHW/USDT 20% Gate ETHW/USDT 20% Mxc ETHW/USDT 20% Bybit ETHW/USDT 20% APT/USDC OKX APT/USDC 20% Binance APT/USDT 20% Gate APT/USDT 20% Coinbase APT/USD 20% Kucoin APT/USDT 20% For more information, please refer to: https://www.okx.com/markets/index-price-list . Rules on profit and loss calculation. Take BTCUSDC perpetual swap as an example. BTCUSDC perpetual of OKX are quoted with BTC/USDC index; and all margins, profits, and losses are quoted in USDC. If a user holds a long 1-BTC worth of BTCUSDC perpetual swap , the user will earn 100 USDC when the price of BTC, quoted in USDC, increases by 100 USDC. . Profit and loss formula: Long positions: Face value × Number of contracts × Average price of open positions - Face value × Number of contracts × Average price of open positions. Short positions: Face value × Number of contracts × Average price of open positions - Face value × Number of contracts × Average price of open positions. . Mark price and price limit rules. After index adjustment: USDC derivatives mark prices and USDC margin mark prices will be calculated with the corresponding USDC price index. For more details, please refer to Ⅱ. Mark price. Price limits on USDC derivatives trading will be calculated based on corresponding USDC price index. For more details, please refer to Ⅲ. Price limit rules. . V5 API. V5 API will be affected after the adjustment takes effect. For more details, please refer to Changes to V5 API users as OKX supports USDC index. . Risk disclaimer. Due to recent market volatility, index adjustments may lead to price fluctuations in margin and derivatives markets. The maintenance margin requirement for user positions may increase after adjustment of position tiers. To prevent forced liquidations caused by these adjustments, users are encouraged to reduce their leverage by either increasing margins or closing positions. . For any inquiries regarding this adjustment, please feel free to contact us in the OKX Telegram group or via the Support Center. . OKX. Mar 24, 2023 . . Download OKX App for iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows >>>. Click here for Twitter >>>. Click here for Telegram >>>. 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