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    The Statement on Online Service Privacy Protection released on this website represents WikiBits commitment (hereinafter referred to as "WikiBit") to protecting your (hereinafter referred to as "you") personal privacy. In view of the characteristics of the Internet, the online services (hereinafter referred to as "online services") available on this website will inevitably have direct or indirect interaction with you during the operation process. Therefore, we hereby explain the policy on collecting, using and protecting your personal information. Please read carefully.

    1. Non-personal User information

    WikiBit will collect non-personal information based on your IP address, such as the nature of your browser, the type of your operating system, and the domain name of the ISP that provides you with online access in a bid to optimize the web pages displayed on your computer screen. WikiBit will also use such information to gather web traffic statistics as a way of improving the online services and management of its website.


    2. Personal Information

    2.1 Generally, you must register to access certain sections of the online services and obtain information. Before requesting you to provide relevant information, WikiBit will explain the purpose of such information.This type of registration usually requires you to provide only one email address or mobile phone number and some basic information such as your name.

    2.2 You may be required to provide more information to access some specific functions of the online services. This provision is made in line with national regulations and to better understand and meet your needs. Such information includes name, address and phone number, etc.

    2.3 Without disclosing your personal information, WikiBit has the right to analyze and make commercial use of your entire database.


    3. Information Security

    3.1 WikiBit will manage and protect the information you provide in an all-round way and apply corresponding technologies to prevent such information from being lost, stolen or altered.

    3.2 WikiBit will commission, when necessary, professional technicians to process the collected data on the computer to meet the needs of the era for efficient division of labor. If WikiBit sends you a notice regarding data processing, but you fail to voluntarily reject it within the timeframe specified in the notice, WikiBit will presume that you have agreed. Nevertheless, you still have the right to request the suspension of data processing in accordance with the Article 4.1.(d) below.


    4. Your Rights

    4.1 You have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

    (A) Inquire and request reading at any time;

    (B) Request supplements or corrections at any time;

    (C) Request deletion at any time;

    (D) Request to stop data processing and usage.

    4.2 WikiBit provides you with services correspondently, and you can contact WikiBit in time.


    5. Protection of Privacy of Minors

    Minors under the age of 18 must obtain the consent of their parents or guardians (hereinafter collectively referred to as "guardians") before accessing the services on this website. Guardians have the right to stop minors from accessing such services.


    6. User Guidelines

    Users shall take full responsibilities for the texts, information, data, pictures, charts, photos, software, audio files, video clips or any other form of information that they publish on this website, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted. Therefore, users must comply with the following guidelines:


    (1) Do not publish or disseminate any documents and information that violate the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China on this website;

    (2) Do not publish, disseminate or use documents and information that infringe on others’ rights to his/her portraiture, name, reputation, privacy or other personal rights on this website;

    (3) Do not publish, disseminate, use or transmit documents and information that infringe on others’ rights to his/her trademark, copyrights, patent, special techniques, trade secrets or other legal rights on this website;

    (4) Do not publish, disseminate or transmit electronic information with computer viruses or other computer passwords that may interrupt, destruct or restrict the functions of computer software, hardware or communication equipment on this website;

    (5) Do not publish, disseminate or transmit any illegal, harassing, slanderous, insulting, threatening, harmful, vulgar or obscene information on this website;

    (6) Do not publish, disseminate or transmit information that abets others to commit crimes or threatens national security on this website. If the users violate the above guidelines, this website can cancel his/her right to use without informing in advance. The users must bear legal responsibility for their actions on the Internet. The system records of their disseminating reactionary, pornographic or other information that violates national laws on this website can be submitted as evidence to relevant departments for processing.

    7. Restricted Use Principle

    7.1 Only when one of the following conditions is met, WikiBit will use the collected personal data outside the above-mentioned scope:

    (a) Your written consent has been obtained;

    (b) To avoid immediate danger to your life, body or property;

    (c) To prevent major harm to the rights and interests of others;

    (d) To enhance the public interest and not harm your major interests.

    8. Disclosure of Personal Information

    When WikiBit is required by judicial or government agencies to disclose personal information in accordance with legal procedures, the personal information will be provided as required or for public security purposes. Under this circumstance, WikiBit shall be exempted from responsibility.

    9. Information Transmission

    9.1 WikiBit and its necessary service partners use your personal data to operate network services, and will notify you of new functions and services, as well as various products of WikiBit and its affiliates. WikiBit will also carefully select and send products or service materials concerning network services and WikiBit’s own services from other companies to you, which is not necessary (for secondary use).

    9.2 If the personal data is needed for secondary purposes, WikiBit will provide you with instructions on how to refuse this service. You can terminate the sending of these letters through the instructions on the documents or promotional letters sent by WikiBit.

    10. Statement for Unsubscribing Network Service

    You can unsubscribe from the network service at any time on your own wishes. Contact this website by email, telephone, etc. and all your registered information will be deleted.

    11. Disclaimer

    Besides the exemption provided in Article 8 above, WikiBit does not need to assume any responsibility in the following circumstances:

    (A) Any leakage of your personal information and all the consequences resulting therefrom as you inform others of your password or share your registered account with others;

    (B) Any leakage, loss, theft or alteration of personal information caused by force majeure that affects the normal operation of network services and websites such as hacker attacks, computer virus intrusion or attack, temporary shutdown due to government control, etc.;

    (C) Any leakage of your personal data caused by other information network services linked to the network service, and any legal disputes and consequences arising therefrom.

    12. Right of Interpretation

    The modification and interpretation of the statement is reserved by WikiBit.

    About Us

    WikiBit (Chinese name: 区块天眼) is a platform information query tool of the blockchain industry under Wiki Co.,LIMITED established in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China. Its core function is to provide query service of basic information and regulatory license, credit evaluation, platform appraisal and other services for already included blockchain projects.

    Based on public data released by the government, combined with advanced sniffing systems and scientific computer algorithms, WikiBit offers a prime big data solution that integrates data collection, screening, aggregation, modeling, and productization. It also provides both quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the supervision level and risk level of the listed projects from multiple dimensions for traders, institutions and government departments.

    Wiki Co.,LIMITED is headquartered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, China. Based on the original intention of "originating from China and facing the world", the company always attaches importance to the scientific and technological research and development work of independent intellectual property rights, and has established a technical research and development team in Shanghai, through continuous innovation and continuous Iterate and strive to provide users with quality services. At the same time, the company has established branches or offices in Hong Kong, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cyprus, and has promoted the use of WikiBit in more than 14 different languagesto users from all over the world, so that users from all over the world can fully appreciate and enjoy the magic and convenience brought by China's Internet technology.

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