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2022-04-15 18:52

  The bi-weekly report brings you all the updates on the hottest events and new developments on to help you stay in the loop.

  A quick recap of the most significant events starting April 1 until April 15, 2022:

  Launched Multiple “Hodl & Earn” Financial Products on

  Launched Multiple Mining Pools with Rewards and Bonuses available on

  Listed Multiple Startup Projects and Tokens on

  Launched Several Trading Competitions and Community Welfare Activities

  Over the past two weeks, the total perpetual contract trading volume reached 48,081,582,829 USDT and the crypto-to-crypto trading volume was 36,942,702,405 USDT.

  1. Successfully Listed Numerous Startup Projects on

  In the past two weeks, weve listed many projects on our Startup platform, including NYM, BBF, STI, SSX, ESG, ZMT, ESG, SSX, POLYPAD, METAL, EGS, HSF, WALLET, ASW, PRIDE, XCN, and MILO. Among the current mainstream platforms, Startup platform hosts the largest number of listed projects.

  We exceed other platforms by far with a variety of quality Startups.

  View More Startup Projects:

  2. Concluded the 276th Round of Voting fo Listing with $10,000 shared in Airdrops

  The “Vote For Listing Campaigns” for the $AVT token was completed and successfully listed on Weve also rewarded users with token airdrops and made trading and withdrawal services available.

  Please stay tuned for more “vote for listing” activities:

  3. Listed Multiple Tokens

  Starting April 1 to April 15, made trading and withdrawal services available for multiple tokens, including SSX, STI, ESG, POLYPAD, METAL, EGS, HSF, AVT, OUSD, WALLET, ASW, MENGO, NAP, TRA, PRIDE, XCN, MILO, STG, HECH, and NPT.

  Trade at:

  4. Launched Multiple “Hodl & Earn” Financial Products on launched several financial products, including

  -Lock DEP Hodl & Earn

  -Lock DOGA Hodl & Earn

  -Lock SIN Hodl & Earn

  -Lock MQL Hodl & Earn

  -Lock ANML Hodl & Earn

  -Lock METO Hodl & Earn

  -Lock NPT Hodl & Earn

  -Lock ZKT Hodl & Earn

  -Lock GF Hodl & Earn

  -Lock WEAR Hodl & Earn

  -Lock WALLET Hodl & Earn

  All with their annualized yield up to 100%. Moreover, weve also issued the 63rd round of SharkFin products.

  View More Financial Products:

  5. Launched Multiple New Liquidity Mining Pool Versions and Bonuses

  A total of 39 new versions of liquidity mining pools were released on, including TPRIDE, ALTB, GMAT, BACON, and SNK. As of April 15, 2022, their annualized yield is up to 3644.29%, and total liquidity tops at 5,334,040 USDT.

  6. Conducted Multiple Activities and Competitions Offering Users Plenty Chances to Win Massive Rewards on held a total of 4 trading competitions and 19 activities to benefit users over the past 2 weeks.

  The following are the online trading competitions:

  · From Apr 1st to Apr 08th, 2022: Metafluence Trading Competition, Win a Share of 1,666,600 METO Mega Reward

  · From Apr 7th to Apr 14th, 2022: Metawear Trading Competition, Win a Share of 2,500,000 WEAR Mega Reward

  · From Apr 9th to Apr 16th, 2022: Ambire Wallet Trading Competition, Win a Share of 424,591 WALLET Mega Reward

  · From Apr 14th to Apr 21st, 2022: Origin Dollar Trading Competition, Win a Share of 26,000 OUSD Mega Reward

  The welfare activities include:

  · From Apr 1st to Apr 08th, 2022: Gate Union - Challenge Yourself With TikTok

  · From Apr 1st to Apr 15th, 2022: April Futures Giveaway Season, Trade to Win $100,000 Bonus!

  · From Apr 1st to Apr 15th, 2022: Community Invitation Contest: Invite Friends to Share $2000 Valued GMT3L Airdrop!

  · From Apr 6th to Apr 12th, 2022: Gate Union - Trader And Football Passionate

  · From Apr 6th to Apr 15th, 2022: Will List Flamengo Fan Token , Napoli Fan Token , Trabzonspor Fan Token : Deposit & Win a Share of 60,000 CHZ Mega Reward

  · From Apr 7th , 2022: Learn & Earn through Gate.ios interactive Workshop ~ 1K Prize Pool Up For Grabs!

  · From Apr 7th to Apr 12th, 2022: Is All Set To Go Live With KingdomX Mystery Box

  · From Apr 7th to Apr 12th, 2022: $6,000 Giveaway! New Leveraged Tokens Listing - Trade ASTR3L/3S, BSW3L/3S, CAKE3L/3S OR LOKA3L/3S And Earn Rewards!

  · From Apr 7th to Apr 14th, 2022: Gate Podcast Airdrop Special #8 | Listen and Win a Share of 6,100 LOA in Rewards

  · From Apr 7th to Apr 14th, 2022: Metawear Mining Pool Trade Acticity: Earn Yield Up to 545.77% and Win $10,000

  · From Apr 7th to Apr 30th, 2022: Posts: Share your crypto daily and win hefty rewards

  · From Apr 8th to Apr 13th, 2022: DOGE5L/5S Listing Is Now Live! Trade DOGE's Leveraged Token Series to Share $5,000 Giveaway!

  · From Apr 8th to Apr 15th, 2022: EXCLUSIVE! $50,000 PRIZE POOL for P2P USERS

  · From Apr 8th to Apr 15th, 2022: Gate Union - Get A High Salary,And Enjoy Up To 50% Commission

  · From Apr 8th to Apr 22nd, 2022: Be the Gate Union Influencer and Share 100,000 prize pool

  · From Apr 8th to Apr 22nd, 2022: Sign Up to & Win $100,000 in Copy Trading Bonuses

  · On Apr 12th, 2022: Sponsors Paris NFT DAY, Follow on Twitter to Win $8,880 DFL Prizes

  · From Apr 12th to Apr 19th, 2022: Gate Union - Trader Insights: Share DAO knowledge- Win $25,000 prize pool

  · From Apr 13th to Apr 18th, 2022: Easter Special - Collect Your Easter Eggs with Leveraged Tokens & Share 7,000 USDT!

  · From Apr 13th to Apr 20th, 2022: Be the Trade Analyst and Influencer with Gate Union

  · On Apr 14th, 2022: Influencer Interview #4, Waiting for You to Get Rewards

  · From Apr 14th to Apr 21st, 2022: Gate Podcast Airdrop Special #9 | Listen and Win a Share of 1,500 SLC in Rewards

  · From Apr 13th to Apr 20th, 2022: New User Airdrop, Register & Share $150,000 Rewards

  · Announcement on Receiving of $15 Points Bonus for Blog Invitation with One-Click

  7. Blog

  Over the past two weeks, we have released a number of newsletters including:

  ·Tips and Tricks to Trade Leveraged Tokens

  ·How the metaverse will shape our daily lives

  ·How To Create DAO

  ·Snapchat And Metaverse

  ·Daily Flash | Elon Musk wants to acquire Twitter to release the extraordinary potential of Twitter;In Q1 of 2022, the global blockchain security incident lost $1.2 billion

  · Introduces Limited-Time Broker Sharing Activity

  ·GateBridge: A Decentralized Cross Chain Protocol

  ·Aave V3 Launched, Leading the DeFi Sector Powerfully

  ·How Crypto And Blockchain Are Changing Crowdfunding

  ·The DeFi Era Originator: An Introduction to Maker Dao

  ·What is WoW NFT: Female Theme NFT Tops Opensea

  · Sponsored Paris NFT Day, Twitter Participates in Frenzy

  ·Crypto Regulation in the EU: Practical Implications and Game Theory

  ·Daily Flash | The United States will conduct a bank supervision on stablecoins;Former Ethereum co-founder jailed for Aiding North Korea

  ·Axie Infinity, and Its Mission to Be Decentralized

  ·Gate Podcast | Epic Games $2bn Metaverse, Ethereum PoS Merge In July, Terras $176M Bitcoin Investment

  ·What is IoTeX? Blockchain for the Internet of Things

  ·Brave Browser, Brave Rewards,Basic Attention Token Explained

  ·What is Crypto Leverage Trading and How Does it Work?

  ·What is Zero-Knowledge Proof

  ·Blockchain Interoperability Explained


  ·Daily Flash:Three quarters of investment companies are willing to invest in BTC ETF;The total value locked of Ethereum L2 decreased by 8.29%

  ·What is Inflation? Here is How it Impacts You

  ·Daily Flash:While the Spring is Getting Warmer, Bitcoin Is About To Experience the Cold Winter;Musk Changed His Mind and Refused to Join the Twitter Board

  ·Market Trend 04/04-10/04|The Monero trend development is heightening. In addition, after remaining relatively dormant for several months, DOGE began a minor Resurgence

  ·YouTube Launches NFT So Fans Can Own Videos


  ·Axie Infinity Origin Update is Coming

  · announces sponsorship for Enzo and Pietro Fittipaldi

  ·How to trade leveraged token on

  ·Elliptic Curve Cryptography

  ·The Most Popular Investment Strategies for Long-term Profits

  ·What is Oasis Network ? Open finance and protected data blockchain

  · Broker Sharing: Up to 50% Rebate | Vitalik says BTC is a Powerful Asset Worth Holding | SEC Approves Bitcoin Futures ETF | UK to issue Official NFT this Summer

  ·Instagram NFTs are coming soon, heres how that may look like

  · Podcast: Dogecoin Spiked As Elon Musk Joins Twitter Board, US Sanctions Russia_s Darknet Market & Crypto Exchange

  ·Double Spending in Blockchain

  ·NFT projects on NEAR protocol

  ·Top Trading Patterns in Cryptocurrency

  ·Understanding Crypto Taxes

  ·XP.NETWORK:The worlds most powerful NFT bridge

  ·The Implications Of Opensea Phishing Scam

  ·Adobe Behance and Solana

  ·Crypto Pump and Dump Scams are Never Worth it, Here is Why

  ·The Cypherpunk Movement - Meet the influences behind cryptocurrencies

  ·The Use-cases of NFTs

  ·What is Arweave? Welcome to permanent blockchain storage

  ·Gate.ios weekly event report — Four benefits Divide a large prize pool

  ·A Beginner Guide to Leveraged Tokens

  ·Vitalik Buterin Explains Why You Should Keep Holding Your Bitcoins

  · Podcast | Reddit Integrates NFTs, OpenSea Allows NFT Purchase Via Credit Card, Indonesias New Crypto Tax

  ·Veloce Elites announces as Official Crypto Partner

  ·A Real Trick on April Fool‘s Day: Jay Chou’s BAYC NFT was Stolen

  ·The "Sharkday" Punch of Structured Products: Price Observation Mechanism

  · Podcast | Azuki Surpasses BAYC as #1 NFT, DeFi Lender Inverse Hacked for $15.6M, SEC Rejects Cathie Woods ARK Invest

  ·Instant Notes of Market Trends from March 28 to April 3

  ·BTC or ETH: Which is The Better Long-term Investment?

  ·What is "The Merge" and its effect on Ethereums price?

  ·GateChains Native Asset - GT

  · NFT Magic Box First Trading Competition Opens, INO Project Limited Blind Box Launched

  ·Leveraged Tokens - Bull Bear Mechanics Explained

  ·Big Vision of Azuki: Azukis Sales Volume Surpass BAYC

  · Leveraged Token Event Splits $6000 | Axie Ronin Sidechain Hacked for $600M+ | VanEck Expects Bitcoin to Hit $4.8M | CME Officially Launches Micro Bitcoin and Ether Options

  · Structured Products: Where do risks and returns come from?

  · Podcast: $600M+ Stolen From Axie Infinity_s Ronin Chain, MicroStrategy Closes $205m Loan To Buy Bitcoin

  ·Nozama Launches NFT Platform for Waste Management

  ·Proof of Attendance Protocol

  ·How Cryptocurrencies Could Trigger A Financial Crisis

  8. Upgrade & Support

  · Will Support the Pera Finance Token Migration

  · Will Support the Luffy (LUFFY)Token Migration

  · Supports Upcoming Upgrade

  · Supports Upcoming New BitShares Upgrade

  · Supports Upcoming Oasis Network Upgrade

  ·Feature Update! Users Can now Name Strategies and Search for Strategies by ID

  · Supports Upcoming Elrond Upgrade

  · Scheduled BTC,USDT&USD Margined Perps Trading Engine Upgrade

  · Supports Upcoming Cosmos(ATOM) Upgrade

  ·The 2nd Support Program For Copy Trading Signallers Phase

  · Scheduled USDT Margined Perps Trading Engine Upgrade

  · Completed Galaxy Heroes Coin Token Migration and to Reopen Trading Market is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Since 2013

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