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Join Futures Team to Grab 60,000 USDT


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2021-04-07 09:45

Activity Time: 2:00 am on Apr. 7, 2021 – 8:00 am on Apr. 11, 2021 (UTC) Registration form: Designated Futures type (Team): Coin-margined futures, coin-margined swaps, and USDT-margined swaps Activity 1: Choose the Futures team you prefer to win 10,000 USDT per day During the event, when trade any kinds of Futures as long as its daily trading volume over 1,000USD (USD:USDT=1:1), the user will be joining to the corresponding futures team automatically. The winner team will be determined by the last digit of the hash value of the last BTC block before/at 3:00 am the following day (UTC) and equally share 10,000USDT awards of that day. Activity 2: Win 5 times to equally share another 10,000USDT During the event, whoever cumulatively win 5 times could equally share extra 10,000USDT.   Winning Digit Rules: The platform will take the last digit of the hash value of the last BTC block before/at 3:00 am the following day (UTC) as the winning digit. For example: 1. Assuming the hash value of the last designated block before 3:00 the following day (UTC) is 0x95519f40a75c3f46d0426d5db908458b3d056b929d02b536c1c6d431ec94f093; 2. The reference “winning digit numbers” are as below by deleting the letters: 0955194075346042659084583056929025361643194093; 3. The last number, 3, will be the final ‘winning digit’; 4. As the table shown below, the futures team corresponding to the winning digit 3 is coin-margined futures team; Therefore, users who trade the coin-margined futures with the trading volume over 1,000USD can equally share 10,000USDT. Futures Team Winning Digits Coin-margined Futures 0, 1, 2, 3 Coin-margined Swaps 4, 5, 6 USDT-margined Swaps 7, 8, 9   Note: 1. Sub-accounts are not supported in this activity; 2. The awards will be delivered to users’ cross margin account of Huobi USDT-margined swaps within 7 business days after the activity ends. If users’ Huobi USDT-margined swaps account has not been activated before the end of this activity, it will be regarded as giving up the reward; 3. This activity lasts 5 days, and users can join at most 3 futures teams each day. The winning team of the previous day will be determined the next day, a total of 5 times; 4. Huobi Futures shall disqualify users’ participation if any malicious behavior is detected; 5. Digital asset derivatives are innovative investment products with price fluctuates greatly. Trading digital asset derivatives carry a high level of risk. Please judge your investment ability rationally and make your decisions prudently; 6. Huobi Futures reserves the right of final interpretation to this event.