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Hotbit will launch SYS (Syscoin) soon


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2021-03-16 12:22

Dear Respected Users: Hotbit is scheduled to list SYS (Syscoin) , The specific launch time is waiting for the subsequent official announcement!  【Hotbit users exclusively enjoy “Minus Maker Means Minus Transaction Fee” mechanism. By placing and settling any maker order, the user will enjoy 0 transaction fee and an extra 0.05% of the trading volume of his/her maker order as reward!】   Project Name:Syscoin Abbreviation: SYS Project Introduction:     Syscoin Platform Future-proof payments and value transfer solutions. Syscoin offers fast, low-cost tokens, assets and NFT’s secured by Bitcoin’s own hash power, consensus model and censorship resistance. The blockchain is merge-mined with Bitcoin; Miners simultaneously mine Bitcoin and Syscoin without spending any extra energy. This energy-efficient Proof of Work makes settlements on Syscoin incredibly robust and secure, and reduces vulnerability to exploits like 51% attacks. Z-DAG Fungible tokens and NFT’s on Syscoin can optionally leverage the platform’s proprietary high-throughput transaction protocol, Z-DAG. This finally gives users the infrastructure they need in order to use their tokens as a means-of-exchange, giving fast, cost-effective microtransactions. An independent study by Whiteblock confirmed the network conducts token transactions at a rate of 60,000 per second with transaction fees a fraction of one US cent. Z-DAG operates using a decentralized network of ~2,700 incentivized full nodes called masternodes, all of which verify every transaction, then trust, like Bitcoin full nodes. Dive deeper into Z-DAG. NFTs The mainnet release of Syscoin LUX introduced a launch pad for NFT’s, providing benefits like scalability, low fees, secure settlement, and opt-in compliance rulesets (notary API). The platform also provides fractional (divisible) NFT’s, letting you create shares of a single unique asset. For example, individuals can own a percentage of a digital art piece, land deed, etc. This is defined by the issuer during the NFT creation process. The industry’s current level of focus on NFT’s is relatively new. The right platform focused on properly supporting NFT’s will become the front-runner. Syscoin gives any NFT project a reliable, cost-effective, performant platform and a secure blockchain. Business Rulesets and Non-custodial Compliance While Syscoin defaults to permissionless, the platform’s fungible tokens and NFT’s allow creators to implement an optional permission layer in the form of a notary API. Use this to check every transaction request of your asset, and execute your custom logic. Your API ultimately decides whether to authorize (sign) the transaction so it can settle on the blockchain. This general tool serves many uses like business rules, non-custodial regulatory compliance (KYC, AML, etc), triggering events before or after a value transfer is authorized, and tracking double-spend attempts to effectively enable truly instant in-game transfers that are 100% safe. Roadmap The Syscoin development team is heavily focused on introducing scalable turing-complete smart contracts which will be native to the Syscoin platform, presently called “Network Enhanced Virtual Machine”. This will bring the best characteristics of Bitcoin and Ethereum to a single cost-effective platform. Other areas of active development include Web 3.0 wallet infrastructure powered by Syscoin’s SDK. The Syscoin core development team is also researching leading-edge advancements in cryptography, particularly Zero-knowledge Proofs (ZKP), which will lead to cross-chain interoperability with almost any blockchain in a trustless manner, and many other unique capabilities. Other items are on the roadmap as well. View Syscoin’s roadmap. Official Website: Explorer:   Risk warning The investment on cryptocurrency projects is subject to high market risks.Please make your investments cautiously. Hotbit will make best efforts to choose the cryptocurrency projects with high quality,but Hotbit will not be responsible for any of your investment losses. Thank you for your support! Yours truly Hotbit Team    About us : Hotbit’s Official Website:  Telegram :  Twitter:  Facebook: Medium: