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    Adidas makes Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT its Twitter display, what’s with the endorsements?

    Adidas purchases a Bored Ape NFT and names it Indigo Herz.


    Deloitte Predicts That Sports NFT Sales Will Double In 2022

    According to predictions that the consulting giant released on Wednesday, sports-related NFTs will account for more than $2 billion in transactions next year.


    8 of the top 10 NFTs sales last month have been Bored Apes and CryptoPunks

    Athletes, musicians and pop culture celebrities are entering the NFT world in droves.


    8 of the top 10 NFTs sales last month have been Bored Apes and CryptoPunks

    Athletes, musicians and pop culture celebrities are entering the NFT world in droves.


    NFTs In A Nutshell: A Weekly Review

    NFTs have found another month this year where Google searches hit an all-time high. The Macy’s parade will come with a non-fungible friend. And Phil Spencer at Xbox shares his thoughts on NFTs. It’s just another week of non-fungible news.


    A metaverse project is creating a new category of NFTs: Functional NFTs

    A new gaming metaverse project called HODL Valley is creating a virtual tokenized city that is helping users manage their digital assets


    Liquidity Premium a Driver of NFT Prices and Value

    A “liquidity premium” is driving up non-fungible token (NFT) prices – as these tokens “can meet more demand” than physical goods in the “real world,” according to Alex Svanevik, the CEO of the blockchain analytics platform Nansen.


    NFT platform Quartz wins the 14th parachain slot on the Kusama network

    Quartz raised $23M (54k KSM) from nearly 9,000 global community members.


    Google searches for NFTs spike to record highs

    Googles keyword search data shows interest in nonfungible tokens (NFTs) has surged to record levels, with traffic beating out search terms pertinent to many crypto assets ranked among the top ten.


    Bollywood Has Shown Appetite For Crypto Endorsement

    Is The Industry Also Open To Trading In It?


    Polygon leads NFT gaming growth while Axie Infinity, Decentraland retain “powerhou

    The latest report from DappRadar showed that game dApps have become the lifeline of the blockchain industry.


    Introducing Random Edge: The First Fair On-Chain NFT Auction Platform

    Random Edge is a transparent, verifiably random, and ultimately fair NFT auction platform that offers a shot at glory for those that participate. Time and time again there have been stories of individuals making life-changing wealth with NFTs. These kinds of stories often drive people to mint as many possible NFTs during an auction/mint, hoping to strike gold when the images are revealed. Unfortunately, the playing field is often skewed in favor of insiders, influencers, savvy coders, and others in the know.


    Twitter announces a crypto team to work on dApps and NFTs

    The firm will now have a functional crypto team dedicated to emerging blockchain tech, dApps, and NFTs.


    How Blockchain Technology Is Transforming Microtransactions and Revitalizing the Gaming Industry

    A new gaming model is emerging based on real asset ownership and a new “play-to-earn” structure.


    What is Fantom? Cryptocurrency price prediction and value explained

    CRYPTOCURRENCY Fantom is being touted as a newer, better version of rival coin Ethereum - here's what you need to know about it.


    Solana’s native wallet Phantom just hit over 1 million active users

    Solana’s Phantom is raking in the numbers has the digital asset becomes increasingly popular amongst crypto enthusiasts.


    Cryptocurrency trading platform Crypto.com to debut UFC NFTs

    On Nov. 4, the Crypto.com NFTs will go live for UFC 268 Packs. Fighters will earn half of UFC's income from the NFT sales.


    CryptoPunk NFT worth over $850,000 sold in error for less than $20,000

    The CryptoPunk NFT was sold for less than its so-called 'floor price.'


    Celebrities are embracing NFTs in a big way

    The next few years are likely to be very interesting, as the nonfungible token market opens digital collectibles for fans and investors.


    CryptoPunks NFT “Sells” for Over $500M

    In a questionably large sale, CryptoPunk #9998 has sold for more than $532M, according to the project’s sales feed.


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