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    Adidas Teasing Partnership with Coinbase

    The German sportswear giant has announced a partnership with Coinbase


    Coinbase Pushes for Single Crypto Regulator

    “It could be underneath one of the existing regulators. It doesn‘t have to be a completely new entity, but it’d be nice to consolidate it a bit and use that as a way to enable more innovation in this space,” Armstrong continued, emphasizing that having many regulators really harms startups in the space.


    Coinbase to Support Bitcoin ETF Trading

    The latest update in the Bitcoin ETF market saw raging speculations about the crypto exchange giant, Coinbase’s upcoming initiative to support Bitcoin ETF trading on its platform.


    Coinbase Profits Drop 75% in Q3 Despite Dogecoin, SHIB Listings

    Coinbase followed a record Q2 with $406 million in net income for July through September.


    Coinbase CEO anticipates planned NFT marketplace more akin to Instagram than eBay

    CFO Alesia Haas says Coinbase’s third quarter centered on lower volatility in the crypto market compared to the second quarter.


    Benefits of CBN Newly launched e-Naira, first Nigeria’s Digital Currency

    Central banks play an essential role in the economy by providing a robust, safe, efficient, and inclusive payment system. They provide monetary and financial stability as well as the safest form of money to the populace - Central Bank Money.


    Cryptocurrency Market Value Blows Past $3 Trillion

    The cryptocurrency market is now worth more than $3 trillion.


    Why Bitcoin Could Serve As A Hedge Against Inflation?

    Gold was the monetary index of the 19th century until it was replaced by an array of regional stock indexes in the 20th century. Bitcoin will be the primary monetary index of the 21st century


    Coinbase Pro Adds Support for New Shiba Inu Trading Pairs

    Coinbase Pro users can now trade Shiba Inu against the euro and the British pound


    90% of Coinbase Ventures Capital Deployed in 2021: Report

    Since its inception in April 2018, Coinbase Ventures has surfaced as one of the most active VC investors in the crypto realm with respect to deal count.


    Coinbase Crashes as Shiba Inu Goes Ballistic After Surpassing Dogecoin

    Coinbase goes down as demand for Shiba Inu goes through the roof.


    Coinbase CEO Armstrong Stirs Hope Of Relisting XRP After Throwing His Weight Behind Ripple

    Coinbase boss Brian Armstrong has expressed his support for Ripple amidst its legal battle with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The latest comments by Armstrong have reignited rumors among the XRP Army that the leading crypto exchange may soon restore XRP trading on its platform.


    Crypto King -Bitcoin Back above 60K: As SEC moves to approve first US Bitcoin Futures ETF.

    The Crypto market has witnessed great volatility last week with Bitcoin attempting to reclaim the previous All time high (ATH) since March at $64k but stopped short at $62,888 after the news of the possible approval of a Bitcoin ETF this new week with Proshare Trust topping the list of the applied exchange for such approval. The possibility of approving the Bitcoin ETF comes after a decade of rejection for all applied ETFs. The SEC Chairman - Gary Gensler has hinted last month that he would be open to the submitted applications which is due for final approval this new week. Bitcoin could hit 100k within a short while if finally approved this week.


    Coinbase Wants the U.S. To Revamp Crypto Regulations

    The crypto exchange company published a four-pillar document today.


    Coinbase Launching NFT Marketplace With Social Features to Grow Creator Community 'Exponentially'

    Were going to grow the creator community exponentially, a win for artists and for fans.


    Will Bitcoin drop below R200 000?

    Bitcoin, the worlds first cryptocurrency, is booming all around the world. The currency has grown over 18000%, since its conception in 2010.


    Coinbase’s Deleted Tweet Fuels Speculations About Bitcoin ETF

    The speculation mill believes the recently deleted tweet is a possible hint at the approval of the first-ever crypto ETF in the US.


    SEC was the only regulator not willing to meet with Coinbase: Brian Armstrong

    Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has stated that SEC won’t meet with the firm, while asserting the 50% of Washington officials are concerned over the risks of crypto.


    Coinbase Rolls Back Its USDC Lending Plans Fearing SEC Lawsuit

    Last Friday, September 17, crypto exchange Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) released an update stating that it will roll back its plans to launch the USDC APY program.


    Coinbase Tops the List of Fastest-Growing Finance Apps

    Crypto adoption has hit its peak this bull season with millions of new users joining the ecosystem, some out of curiosity while others get in hopes of making quick money. A recent report from Business Insider suggests that crypto apps have dominated the chart of fastest-growing financial applications and among those crypto apps, Coinbase is currently at the top of the list.


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